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Heartland Foot & Ankle Associates – The Top Podiatry Practice in Bloomington, IL!

Leads Per Month from Web (Jan - June 2019)


Increase in New Site Visitors (36,021 in 2017 vs 48,412 in 2018)


Increase in Calls to the Office (471 in 2017 vs 637 in 2018

Calls to Office (from digital marketing efforts) in 1st HALF of 2019

Want the Best ROI From Marketing Your Podiatry Practice?

VMD Services Can Get You There, Just Like We Did for Dr. Melissa Lockwood!

Here at VMD Services, we say it time and time again:

If you want your marketing to actually work, then you need to combine a variety of elements in a strategic manner.

Of course, even better than us telling you that is to show you—and the work we did for Dr. Melissa Lockwood and her podiatry practice illustrates it perfectly.

See, we’ve been working with Dr. Lockwood for a couple of years. During this time, she had a website that was performing alright. Here’s the thing, though:

Just “alright” wasn’t good enough for her!

(Truth be told, it wasn’t good enough for us either.)

Turning “Alright” Into “Exceptional”

So, Dr. Lockwood decided to have our team build a new website for her practice (Heartland Foot & Ankle Associates). And we’re glad she did…because her office is receiving more calls than ever from her website and local listings!

And what exactly constitutes “more calls than ever”? Well, check this out:

  • For the entire year of 2017, HFAA received 471 calls.
  • The following year, that number jumped to 637 (boosted in no small part from the launch of her new website in November ‘18).
  • During the first six months of 2019 alone, Dr Lockwood’s practice has received 645 calls—with six months still remaining in the year!

In the incredibly unlikely scenario no one else calls until January, HFAA will have received more calls than ever from website and local listing efforts. If they repeat the performance of the first half of the year, they will come close to tripling the number from just two years ago!




Heartland Foot & Ankle Associates


Website design

SEO management

Reputation management 

Content creation, editing, publishing 

Social media management 

Graphics creation 

Google, YouTube, and Facebook ads management 

Video creation and editing 

Email marketing – broadcast emails and email campaign management 


Leads Per Month from Web
(Jan-June 2019)

Increase in New Site Visitors
(2017 vs 2018)

Increase in Calls to Office
(2017 vs 2018)

Calls to Office
(Jan-June 2019)

Comprehensive Marketing Services

Yes, the new Heartland Foot & Ankle Associates website was a gamechanger for Dr. Lockwood—but there’s more to the story!

Take a moment to check out that sidebar (and especially the SERVICES section).

What did you see?

A full battery of marketing services, right?

You saw that VMD Services provides a wide range of marketing elements, such as social media management, email marketing, video creation, and online ads management (etc.).

That’s important because digital marketing for a podiatry practice—or any business, really—provides optimal ROI when the right elements are used strategically.

Look, Here’s the Deal

Our team knows what it takes to create and implement marketing strategies that work. Period.

We’ve done this for many clients, including (obviously) Dr. Melissa Lockwood, and we can do it for you as well.

If you want to learn more, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (833) 823-3335 or contact us online. We’re happy to chat with you, learn about your situation, and work with you to identify solutions that will help you achieve your practice goals—so feel free to reach out and get started today!

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