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Marketing your medical practice can be a unique endeavor in certain ways, but it also shares some definite similarities with marketing any other kind of service. 

A key example: 

Your marketing efforts must be based on establishing and strengthening relationships with patients—present and future. 

Content marketing is vital—you need to inform, educate, and sometimes even entertain your target audience—but it doesn’t compare to the importance of forming a solid, lasting relationship with your patients

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Now, you can certainly trust us on that premise since this is exactly what we help our clients do, or you could check out Bharat Anand’s 2016 book The Content Trap: A Strategist’s Guide to Digital Change and find the same notion. 

(Anand is the Henry R. Byers Professor of Business Administration in the Strategy Unit at Harvard Business School, so he knows a thing or two about marketing strategy.) 

See, one of Anand’s core premises is that you need to make connections if you want a business—like your medical practice, for example—to be economically-viable, and a powerful way to develop and nurture connections is through email marketing. 

More Than Connections –
Staying Visible in the Age of Constant Distraction

In his book, Anand also makes the case that businesses in all industries (even medical) face two major challenges—getting noticed and getting paid.

As you might imagine, it’s rather difficult to have the latter if you don’t have the former. 

What this means for a doctor who wants to grow his or her practice—or at least simply maintain present levels—is that you must get noticed

Here’s the deal, though: 

Getting noticed in our age of constant distraction is not easy. And once you are noticed, how on earth can you maintain it? 

Easy. Email marketing

Remarkable ROI (But We Aren’t Saying It Comes Easily) 

So let’s take a moment right now and talk about your potential ROI. 

With the nature of email being what it is, you can send messages to many patients (and potential patients) concurrently.  

Are ALL those people going to stop what they’re doing and contact your office? Well, no. But you don’t need all of them to do that. 

If you generate enough interest from even a couple people, your office sees a nice profit. 

Of course, for this to happen, your email marketing plan needs constant attention and periodic fine-tuning. (And, as an important note, you really do not want the wrong emails going to the wrong patients!) 

Beyond creating a system and collecting/analyzing data, you need a bit more: 

email marketing performance

Clever subject lines. A timely email can be super effective, especially when using clever—and appropriate—subject lines to increase open rates. With regards to this, there are several key criteria we follow when creating emails for you that are proven to work.

Interesting, engaging content. Providing a learning experience can lead to exceptional ROI. When people are presented with new and useful information, it is proven to result in a 32% increase in purchases. Done correctly, this is an invaluable technique you can use to grow your practice. 

Visually appealing graphics. The truth of the matter is this: looks matter. Even if your email is filled to the brim with the best possible information, no one’s going to read it if it doesn’t look good. (And we make your emails look better than good!) 

Our Prescription? Email Marketing Services from VMD Services 

You could certainly take the time to learn the finer points of email marketing, create a system that will drive results, capture and track metrics to ensure everything is working, and writing powerful, engaging content that leads to patients in the waiting room—all while treating patients and making sure your practice is running smoothly.  


Contact VMD Services and have us do it for you. 

In the same way that your patients are much better off when seeking your medical expertise, your practice stands to benefit when you seek our marketing expertise. 

Start building better relationships with patients by contacting us today. Either give us a call or take a moment to fill out our short form and let’s work together to make your practice everything you want it to be! 

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