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Reach Your Perfect Patient

Supercharge Your Marketing Strategy to Bring In More of Your Ideal Patient

At VMD Services, we recognize that podiatrists usually have certain conditions they prefer to treat, and certain services they prefer to provide. We call that your Perfect Patient – and we use it to structure your entire marketing plan.


In addition to Web Design and SEO, here are some services we offer to keep you seeing the patients you like to see.

Email Marketing

In this age of constant distraction, where every medical practice is vying for attention, getting noticed is no walk in the park. And once you do capture those wandering eyes, you need to stay on their radar.

Content marketing is undeniably a critical piece of the puzzle. You need to inform, educate, and even entertain your audience. But that’s just the beginning of building a strong, enduring patient relationship.

So, how do we weave the magic that draws patients in and forges an unbreakable bond? Bingo—email marketing!


Think branding is the playground of corporate giants alone? Think again! Your medical practice has a visual identity that’s communicating with the world right now. The real question: does it resonate and stick with prospective patients?

An eye-catching logo is a fantastic place to start, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Our team of artistic wizards takes your visual identity on a journey. From your website to emails and every promotional material in between, we’re here to ensure your online presence isn’t just on point – it’s unforgettable.

Patient Newsletters

Revolutionize your practice with a streamlined, convenient, and highly customizable newsletter program. The benefits are clear: more patients, increased referrals from partner offices, and heightened engagement from your existing patient base. 

The thing is, everyone wants to know how you can enhance their foot health, and a well-crafted newsletter is the key to keeping not only your patients but the broader community informed.

You’re not just a healthcare provider; you’re their source of knowledge and support. So when foot issues arise, your name naturally rises to the top of their minds.

What Makes Us Different?

At VMD, we make it our mission to fill your waiting room with the patients you want to see most. We utilize all the tools in our toolbelt to ensure you’re seeing your perfect patient, day in and day out. Call us today or fill out our contact form and take the first step towards supercharging your digital marketing.

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