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If you want your medical practice—your livelihood and means for providing for your family—to be everything it can possibly be, you need effective marketing – and now more than ever.

Marketing has always been important, but why is it considered so essential now? 

Easy: the Internet.  

To show how the Internet has been such a game-changer regarding marketing (as it has with just about everything else), let’s start by clarifying what marketing is not.

It’s a common misconception that marketing and advertising are the same. That’s simply not true.

We can break this down into terms you will easily understand:

Marketing is like a human body. There are numerous components performing different functions for the single goal of keeping us alive.

Advertising is like the lungs (or kidneys or pancreas or thumb, etc.). It is a part of marketing and contributes to the whole, but is a singular element. 

We help our clients’ practices be found online so they can grow.  

Your growth is our mission. Period. 

Comprehensive Marketing Services

Being found online is a big part of the marketing strategies we create for clients, but we provide even more than that. 

Sure, we collect and analyze data, perform online reputation management, and utilize best current SEO practices, but we also use email marketing, social media, and online ad campaigns to engage your current and future patients. 

To offer the best possible services, we have a diverse team comprised of both technical and creative professionals. 

Essentially, we embody the concept of “form meeting function.” 

What that means for you is that you have a team of experts who are working diligently on the back end to ensure optimal website performance, along with creative professionals who write compelling copy, develop striking designs, and produce exceptional videos to promote your brand. 

By the way, yes, you do have a brand. 

You might think branding is only for companies that produce goods, but everyone has a brand. 

Branding is simply the words and actions that convey who you (and your practice) are, what you believe, and what you have to offer.  

On some level, you already have this. 

If you didn’t know that, it means your branding is running wild – which is not a good situation. 

Fortunately, VMD Services can corral and tame your brand so that it works for you! 

(We have an outstanding track record of doing exactly that for our clients.)

A Partnership Approach Just Works Better

In your medical practice, you probably have greater success with patients who actually work with you, right? 

In the same vein, your marketing is most effective when you partner with an agency who listens to you and uses the materials you provide. 

That’s us. 

See, we might do most of the legwork and heavy lifting, but we’ll work together so you can achieve your practice goals. 

The effort on your end isn’t going to be particularly demanding—sending pictures or videos from office events or holiday celebrations, letting us know if you’re sponsoring a little league team, telling us about the charitable organization you’ve partnered with for a local shoe drive, etc.—but it goes a long way towards conveying your practice’s personality. 

That’s important because people connect better with business (including medical practices) that show personality in their marketing efforts. 

We help clients across the nation, so it isn’t always possible for us to know what is happening in your office. If you give us even a little heads up, our team can conduct research into events and organizations you partner with for promotional purposes.

This all makes for powerful, impactful marketing – and that drives practice growth.

Take the First Step to Outstanding Practice Growth Today! 

There are many facets of marketing you could attempt on your own.  

The reality of the matter, though, is that you and your team don’t have time for: 

Website design, development, and maintenance

Online reputation management

Email marketing

Social media engagement

Online ad campaign creation and implementation

Writing compelling content – webpages, blog posts, emails, newsletters, etc.

Creating visually-pleasing graphic design elements

Conceptualizing, shooting, and editing professional-grade videos

Besides, even if you have the time, you also need to have talent and experience in these areas, and that’s a lot for most non-superhumans.  

The good news is that VMD Services can do all of that for you. We have talented, experienced professionals who love contributing to client success. Let us do the same for you and your practice!



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