Get the Most Value From Your Online Ads

Nothing is more frustrating than spending a ton of money and time on advertising your podiatry practice, and walking away with nothing to show for it.

Casting a “wide net” through traditional channels like TV, radio, and billboards can certainly boost your profile—but they’re also incredibly expensive, and the vast majority of people who see and hear them have no interest in what you have to offer anyway.

But now, there’s a better way. When properly designed and precisely targeted, online ads can offer huge ROI—because today’s sophisticated tools allow you to ensure that your ads are seen only by people who are already actively searching for your specialty, or are highly likely to be interested in what you have to offer based on demographic factors.

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Why Online PPC Ads Are So Effective

To put it in the simplest terms—online ads put your practice in front of people who are actually searching for your medical specialty.

Unlike traditional advertising, PPC ads on platforms such as Google or Facebook will only display when the user searches for a specific keyword, or is within certain demographic and interest categories that are valuable to you (such as age, gender, location, interests, etc.). And also unlike traditional advertising, you only pay when somebody clicks the ad—and you can set your max budget at whatever figure you want.

Accordingly, the ROI for a well-constructed PPC ad campaign is frequently in the hundreds of percentage points.

How to Build Your Patient Numbers with Online Ads

In order to be effective with your digital advertising, you need to start with an intelligent strategy. Since you won’t get as many eyeballs as a billboard or TV ad, you need to make sure you’re getting the right eyeballs—people highly motivated to convert! 

Consider the target audience
Who are the “perfect patients” you’re fighting for? What are their pain points? What are their online search habits? 

Identify the most effective opportunities. For an online ad to be most effective, it needs to be delivered at the right time. For this reason, we define the various touch points a patient makes with your practice during their online journey.

Create advanced strategies. There are various components to this, such as writing compelling ad copy, using impactful graphic design elements, and using A/B testing. Since we want our clients to reach optimal ROI, we are always testing ads, analyzing their performance, optimizing bids, and fine-tuning our strategies.

Analyze the results. Our technical professionals love data. They dig deep into various metrics to determine how a current campaign is performing, and how we can do even better next time around.

Have Our Team Start Working on Your Campaign Today!

Too many doctors get frustrated when they try to do this on their own. Even though they have substantial budgets for PPC campaigns, they just don’t see results. That’s because, while PPC advertising is extremely powerful when done right, it also requires thoughtful strategy and dedicated maintenance to drive consistent results.

VMD Services builds your PPC accounts from the ground up and target them properly to reach your intended market. Every VMD Services team member who touches your PPC accounts is fully accredited and certified, and because we’re a Google Partner, we can take full advantage of direct access to official Google Ads reps and beta programs—so you get a head start on your competition right from the beginning.

Help new patients find you easily online—contact VMD Services and have our online ads team put together your winning strategy today!

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