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We know we’re not going terribly far out on a limb when we say this:

It is incredibly frustrating to spend lots of money and resources on advertising that doesn’t work for you or your practice. Now, it’s understandable as to why you attempted to go down this road in the first place – you want people to know your practice provides the expert medical services they need. Unfortunately, casting a wide net and hoping it comes back full of fish (or potential patients) doesn’t work nearly as effectively as it used to. Sure, newspaper ads, radio commercials, and other forms of advertising might have worked once upon a time, but those days are long gone. Here’s the good news: They’ve been replaced by a more effective method, one that comes with an especially impressive ROI.

The Value of Search

Every single day, there are over 5,760,000,000 individual searches performed on Google. From the time you started reading this post to right now—should be somewhere around 15 seconds if you read every word—there have been around 1 million searches on Google. The numbers are impressive, but let’s think about what is actually happening. You’re probably aware of the fact that Google isn’t a charity (even if they perform philanthropic works). Further, this internet search giant is one of the most valuable companies in the world.

Searches Every Hour

Searches Every Minute

Searches Every Second


Because information is valuable – and Google is stuffed to the gills with it.

See, it would be one thing if the company just enabled people to search for cat videos and political news sites (of all imaginable biases) and then called it a day.

They don’t do that, though.

Instead, Google is quite active. They track data, develop algorithms and try to create the best possible user experience (UX) possible so people keep coming back.

And people clearly do for a simple reason:

They are finding what they need. Obviously, the search results fit this bill, but—as the slick infomercial salesmen say—wait, there’s more! On the vast majority of Google’s search results pages, you can find Google Ads for countless companies and organizations.

Any guesses as to what those ads have in common with each other?

Okay, this might seem tough. After all, you would likely come across ads for businesses spanning basically every industry and from every corner of the world. So where is the commonality? Well, it’s in a simple fact that every ad is on a search results page (SRP) relevant to whatever keywords were being searched by the user.

Online Searches, Your Practice, and Ads

Right now you could very well be thinking “That’s all great, but what does it have to do with my practice?” Great questionTo start, let’s just get something out of the way – Google AdWords is not the only kind of online ads. We use it for the above example because it’s the biggest and most visible one. (There’s a reason 95% of Google’s $60 billion in annual income is from selling ads!) Another popular example would be Facebook ads. Less popular would be MySpace ads. (Sorry, lame internet joke.) Anyhow, online ads are used often for a simple reason – they workSo, how do they work, and can a doctor effectively utilize this system? To illustrate how online ads work, let’s walk through a quick example for your practice:  

Bob is suffering from a medical issue that you treat.

You’ve already created an online ad campaign perfectly tailored to your location and medical expertise, so when Bob does a Google search to find out what his symptoms indicate, he sees an ad for your office right beside search results from WebMD (every doctor’s favorite!) and the Mayo Clinic.


Bob is then taken to a strategically selected page on your website where he can learn more and ultimately come to the page’s effective call-to-action.


Bob calls your office, requests his appointment, and the rest, as they say, is history.

To put it in the simplest terms – online ads put your practice in front of people who are actually searching for your medical specialty. Obviously, not everyone who searches for “rash that looks like Elvis” needs a dermatologist, but this is a way to reach those who do. Accordingly, the ROI for a service like Google AdWords—no, we aren’t getting commission from Google!—is frequently up in the hundreds of percentage points. Seriously, the return for your practice from ads can be outstanding.

But Wait, There’s Even More (It’s a Callback!)

In addition to getting placed right in front of your target market, you will have access to the top money-making keywords for your respective medical specialty. You can then take those keywords and use them in your content and SEO marketing strategies. Along with using the right keywords, an important consideration with an effective online ad strategy is knowing who to target. The ability to choose your target audience is a huge advantage for online ads. Naturally, you most likely want people who are nearby to see your ads, and you have a say in this. (Doesn’t make much sense for someone in Buenos Aires to see an ad for a doctor’s office in Billings, Montana.)

Online Advertising Done Right

Managing an online ad campaign can be a relatively straightforward process. That doesn’t mean it’s necessarily an easy one, though! You need to start with an intelligent strategy and then be willing to put in a lot of work. (We know because this is exactly what we do for our clients.) When we handle a client’s online advertising, there are several steps we follow:
Consider the target audience. Together, we discuss your ideal patients to identify who exactly is being targeted. Then we conduct research into search habits—which provides insight into how potential patients interact with practices just like yours—and use the information to determine how to best connect with potential patients.
Identify the most effective opportunities. For an online ad to be most effective, it needs to be delivered at the right time. For this reason, we define the various touch points a patient makes with your practice during their online journey.
Create advanced strategies. There are various components to this, such as writing compelling ad copy, using impactful graphic design elements, and using A/B testing. Since we want our clients to reach optimal ROI, we are always testing ads, analyzing their performance, optimizing bids, and finetuning our strategies.
Follow the game plan. Since we’ve been able to create successful ad campaigns for so many clients, we know to trust the process. This means following our game plan, but also being receptive to new information and willing (and able) to make changes when necessary.
Analyze the results. Our technical professionals love data. They dig deep into various metrics to determine how a current campaign is performing, and how we can do even better next time around.

Reach New Patients by Starting an Effective Online Ad Campaign Today!

Too many doctors get frustrated when they try to do this on their own. Even though they have substantial budgets for their pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns, they just don’t see results. Conversely, our clients consistently expect to see ROI from their PPC campaigns, and we deliver. So what’s the difference? Well, we build your PPC accounts from the ground up and target them properly to reach your intended market. Whereas those other doctors flounder from poor setup and maintenance, our team stays on top of your account for the entire process to ensure success. More than that, every VMD Services team member who touches your PPC accounts is fully accredited and certified (Google AdWords Certified, Bing Ads Accredited Professional, etc.). This shows our commitment to 100% accountability so you can rest assured knowing your investment is safe with us. Oh, and did we happen to mention that we’re a Google Partner? This means we can take full advantage of direct access to official Google AdWords reps and bet programs – so you get a head start on your competition right from the beginning. Help new patients find you easily online – contact VMD Services and have our online ads team put together your winning strategy today!



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