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45 Reasons Why You Should Have a Newsletter

You might be asking yourself, “Can newsletters do that much for my practice?” The simple answer is YES! If you aren’t taking advantage of your emailing list, you’re wasting a precious resource. You have the means to communicate with a large database of patients who already know...

You Have a Website – Do You Need an App Too?

Tell your patients to turn their phone on and check out your App

We often hear that marketing your practice feels like a lot of work. And there is always more to do. More content, more social media, more SEO, referral relationships and more.

And now you’re hearing people tell you that...

Can You Remove A Google Review?

When you see the review, it always riles you up. That one review. It’s obvious that whoever wrote it is from a competitor, or someone who has never visited you. It’s unfair and wrong.

We’ve seen it countless times. But since...

Struggling To Respond To That New Google Review? [Guide]

Reviews are crucial to today’s world, so the last thing any doctor should do is disregard what patients are saying about them. 

Regardless of whether it’s positive or negative, it’s important to make sure you let everyone know you care what they have to say...

Do You Need a New Website? 5 Signs It’s Time

People often approach a new website much like they approach the thought of a new car: some love the thrill of switching to a sleek new machine, while others prefer to ride the old model they have into the ground.

But while your car is...

How to Promote Telemedicine to Your Patients

For understandable reasons, telemedicine has become a virtual (pun fully intended) necessity in the age of COVID-19.

Hopefully that isn’t news to you.

After all, this is something you can be using to both keep your practice active right now and position it for even greater success down the...

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