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You Have a Website – Do You Need an App Too?

Tell your patients to turn their phone on and check out your App

We often hear that marketing your practice feels like a lot of work. And there is always more to do. More content, more social media, more SEO, referral relationships and more.

And now you’re hearing people tell you that...

Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth from Your Web Presence? [June Newsletter]

VMD June Newsletter

What’s Your Digital Marketing ROI?

Just about everyone understands that, in today’s increasingly digital age, a good website and online marketing strategy are essential for your practice growth.

But that’s just a platitude. It’s much more difficult—and much more frustrating—to answer questions like:

  • What’s the difference...

Is it Time to Update Your Website? [May Newsletter]

VMD May Newsletter

Is It Time to Update Your Website?

One thing you can say about marketing in the online era: the landscape is always changing. Google continues to refine its search algorithms and ranking factors. Web users update their devices and the ways they interact online, and their...

How to Promote Telemedicine to Your Patients

For understandable reasons, telemedicine has become a virtual (pun fully intended) necessity in the age of COVID-19.

Hopefully that isn’t news to you.

After all, this is something you can be using to both keep your practice active right now and position it for even greater success down the road at the...

Best Practices for Telemedicine Calls

Telemedicine is a useful tool for practices – and especially at this time. Of course, even after the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, the convenience it affords will still help you retain current patients and bring in new ones.

The ways you use telemedicine at your practice – such as follow-up visits, initial evaluations/diagnostics,...

Integrating Telemedicine into Your Practice

When times change, what humans do – and how we do things – needs to change as well.

As a doctor, you undoubtedly understand that concept. After all, the treatment plans you create for your patients are in response to changes in their health, right?

And now that we’re all living in...

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