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You want to grow your practice, but how exactly are you going to do that?

By using digital marketing practices and techniques that are proven to work, of course!

No matter your practice goals, our expert team of skilled marketing professionals knows what it takes to help you achieve them.

Even better:

We do all the work for you—which is important because you’ll need your time for seeing all your new patients!

Reach New Patients: Online Ads & Content Strategies

You want to reach new patients, but here’s the problem with using traditional ads for that:

They’re broadcasted to everyone—including many people who aren’t even remotely interested in the product or service being advertised.

And that means a lot of your money is wasted!

Online ads, though, are proven to generate results.

The incredible ROI they produce happens because ads only appear when someone searches for relevant keywords. On top of that, there is significantly greater control over who sees your ads.

For that reason, our team sets up custom campaigns for you using specific keywords and targeted demographics.

Better yet:

With pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you only pay when someone clicks the ad (thereby showing even greater interest…).

That’s important because someone taking the effort to click on your ad is WAY more likely to become a new patient!

Of course, bringing people to your website through your custom ad campaign is just a first step:

Once on your site, you need interesting, useful, and persuasive content to convert them to actual patients.

There is one more important factor for your content—it also must be unique!

Some medical marketing agencies create the same website over and over for their clients. Sure, that’s efficient for them, but their clients ultimately pay the price!

First, Google frowns heavily upon duplicated content. Since they’re the world’s leading search engine, it’s a pretty big deal when they penalize your website in their search rankings because you have the same exact webpages as hundreds of other doctors.

Beyond Google, your website content should establish and reinforce your brand.

Here’s something worth keeping in mind:

Uniquely written copy is important for all your medical practice’s marketing efforts.

And that’s a key reason we create custom content strategies for you.

Fill Your Waiting Room: Web Design and SEO (Local & Organic)

Whether you realize it or not, you have a remarkably simple diagnostic tool for the health of your medical practice:

Your waiting room!

If you look out and only see empty chairs, you’ve got a problem.

Fortunately, it’s one we help doctors like you solve every day.


By designing and building custom websites that are:

  • Visually appealing
  • Full of valuable, unique content
  • Easy for site visitors to use and navigate
  • Created to rank highly in search engine results

And when we say we design your site, we mean it.

Other agencies might slap together templated websites and use duplicated content, but…


We care about your goals and take pride in our work—which means we choose to design and build custom sites that function exceptionally well (on ALL platforms!) and have striking visual elements that are consistent with your practice’s brand.

It’s a lot of work, but well-worth it when you see fewer empty chairs in your waiting room!

One more thing you should know:

When you choose VMD Services, your website REALLY is your website…for as long as you want it…whether you stick with our agency or not. (Sadly, we have to say this because not every medical marketing agency out there has this policy.)

Of course, we could build you the finest website in the world, but it only matters if people find it online.

The good news is our team keeps up with best current search engine optimization (SEO) practices—all so your website is found by those in your community who need professional foot care.

Make sure you have an amazing, custom website that is being found by your ideal patients.

Choose VMD Services to design and optimize your website—and get ready for the full waiting room you want to see!

Make Your Brand Memorable:
Visual Branding and Video Marketing

When you’ve been marketing medical practices for as long as we have, you learn many truths. A great example is that a lot of doctors don’t really know what a brand is or why it matters to them.

In case you happen to fall into that camp, here’s an easy way of looking at it:

A brand is an identity or image people associate with a company, product, or even an individual.

Okay, so why is this important to you?

Because people do business—which includes seeking medical care—with brands they like, trust, and find to be credible.

Now consider this:

Most doctors don’t realize their practice has a brand.

That’s a huge problem because it’s hard to control your branding if you aren’t aware you have one!

Going back to our definition, we mentioned “identity or image,” right? Well, that means you need visual representation that patients—and prospective patients—can quickly identify as being your practice.

And that’s why our designers ensure consistency in all your graphic elements.

We also establish and promote your brand through video marketing.

In this case, we’ll let the numbers speak for themselves:

  • Marketing emails featuring videos have insane conversion rates of almost 50%
  • 70% of sites in the top-100 for virtually any keywords have videos
  • Potential customers who watch videos are 85% MORE LIKELY TO TAKE ACTION than those who don’t—and this includes patients making appointments!

Now that you know more about visual branding and video marketing—and their importance for your practice—take the next step and have VMD Services make your brand memorable!

Stay Connected with Patients:
Email and Social Media Marketing

You want your practice to thrive—which means you need to properly market it.

Well, two essential goals of marketing are:

  1.  Reach new potential patients
  2.  Stay connected with your existing patients

The good news is that a couple of tools can help you achieve those objectives.

Specifically, we’re talking about email and social media.

When done correctly—and that’s key—email marketing enables you to establish and nurture connections by providing your intended audience with valuable content.

Making sure you deliver the right message to the right audience is crucial—which is why we offer custom campaign development. And you can use this service to connect and stay connected in highly effective ways.

woman on her phone with like and heart icons popping out form her screen

Now, while email has become a ubiquitous communication tool, social media is a tad more polarizing.

But here’s the thing:

Social media is wildly popular—a fact that isn’t changing any time soon.

Because there are literally billions of social media users, your practice needs to be present and active on various platforms if you want to remain competitive.

Beyond the sheer volume of potential connections, something else you could be missing out on are platforms to “humanize” your practice.

That’s important because humans best relate to and connect with fellow humans. And those connections inspire loyalty and referrals—both of which you likely want for your practice.

Get connected and stay connected to your patients with email and social media marketing from VMD Services!

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