Content Marketing for Podiatrists

It’s a fact: You want to see more of your ideal patients.

When you do, your practice is busier and more profitable—and you have greater enjoyment while at the office.

For that to happen, you obviously need an effective marketing plan. This will help you reach and connect with your target market.

And one of the biggest elements of the overall marketing plan for your medical practice is content.

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Why You Need Content Marketing

High-quality content that keeps your ideal patients interested and engaged is critical for both driving search traffic your site and convincing a substantial percentage of that traffic to schedule an appointment with you.

And for your content marketing to be successful, you need it to be strategic! To reach and connect with your ideal patients, you need to keep them in what marketers call a “sales funnel.” Not everyone is ready to book the first day, or even the first week, after they visit your site. But the longer someone stays in the funnel, the more likely he or she becomes your patient.

The way you keep them in the funnel is by continuing to connect with them through engaging, timely, and relevant content. Fortunately, we live in the most highly connected time in human history—all thanks to the internet.

Content Strategies

Before the content development for your practice’s brand can even begin, there are three main elements we will work with you to establish. The importance of utilizing these three frameworks in tandem will help ensure you’re targeting the ideal patient at the proper moment in time.

Patient Persona(s). Patient personas help nail down the exact type of patient you want to target with content marketing, so you can keep your message clear and concise to hit the style of writing your ideal patients enjoy. 

SMART Goals. Setting SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, & timely) helps you keep your content marketing efforts focused and effective. Whether your goals orient around site visits, leads, or new conversions, they need to correlate with larger business goals while being associated with a detailed plan of execution.

Content calendar. Having a content development calendar helps keep you dedicated to your goals while having a keen understanding of what message(s) you’re looking to specifically relay through the next month.

Content Writing & Posting

When developing content, our specialists work to determine a topic that will attract and convert potential patients and determine what form the resulting piece of content should take. Once developed, the content will go through a final planning/posting stage, which will involve calls-to-action, a linking strategy, design implementation, and posting.

At this point, everything is now ready for your site’s visitors.

And because your content was strategically planned, you will find it leads to better results—which means converting those visitors into patient leads. You can even track the performance of your content through a variety of insightful metrics integrated into easy-to-use Success Studio platform.

Professional Content Services for Your Medical Practice

In the same way that you are experienced, skilled, and trained to treat patients, our copywriters are experienced, skilled, and trained to produce exceptional podiatry marketing content. VMD Services has a team of dedicated writers who would love to create your content strategy and fill your website with carefully written pages and blog posts—all in the name of achieving the ultimate goal:

Turning your site visitors into patients.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help bring in new patients to your practice with our professional content services!

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