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Brand recognition is not just for big corporations. Whether you are actively shaping it right now or not, your practice has a visual representation to the world. Is it one that prospective patients will remember and resonate with?

An appealing logo is a good start for branding, but far from the endpoint. Our graphic artists ensure your entire look – from your website to emails to promotional materials – is on point, keeping your Internet marketing more cohesive and memorable.

Why Visual Branding Matters for Your Podiatry Practice

You can’t just hang an image of a foot on your door and call it a day. Effective visual representation can give you an advantage over your competition when potential patients are thinking of who to see.

  • It makes a solid first impression. A great logo and graphical package catch the eye immediately. They engage and entice.
  • It builds trust. Beyond a first impression, solid branding is a sign of professionalism. It tells patients that you know what you are doing and care about how you present yourselves to them.
  • It sends patients a message. Your branding can communicate and reinforce your values to your patients. Do you want your logo to imply how family-friendly you are? Your dedication to advanced techniques and technology? Choices in color and imagery can convey those qualities.

VMD Will Create an Effective Brand Identity for You

A brand itself does not have to be complex. In many cases, simplicity helps keep a brand memorable! However, that does not mean the process of designing your logo, color scheme, and graphical elements should ever take little thought.

The graphic design specialists at VMD Services work with each client to build an overall branding package that will sing both to them and their perfect patient base. Our goals are to ensure your logos, graphical elements, and overall themes are:

  • Memorable. Visually bold, unique to your specialties, but not complicated. Something that sticks in patients’ minds and sets you apart.
  • Adaptable. It must fit well and be recognizable no matter the size or medium. Your logo and graphics should work equally well in an email on someone’s phone as on a billboard over the Interstate.
  • Lasting. Visual branding requires eventual updates as times and trends change, but you shouldn’t look outdated in just a few years. We want your branding to have lasting power for as long as possible.
  • Appropriate. This is the heart of your branding. Your logo must reflect your values and represent the face you wish to show your patients.

You are an essential part of the process, but do not need to know anything about graphic design. We’ll get to know you and your practice in-depth, and discuss your current branding, favorite colors, design preferences, and what you want your logo to really say to your patients.

(In other words, you don’t have to know art – just what you like and what you want patients to see.)

Once we have a firm idea of the logos and graphical design choices that may fit your practice best, we will provide you multiple examples that you can select, adjust, and customize until everything is just right.

Or maybe you already have a logo or color scheme you love. We can expand and build your branding around that and shape it into something that truly shines to potential patients.

Once your branding is fully in place, it can (and should) become the visual focus of your website, email marketing, advertising, and every other way you promote yourself to the world!

    Start Building Your Best Branding Today!

    If you have roamed the websites of many other podiatrists, you have likely seen a logo or visual theme we’ve designed.

    We have helped multitudes of medical practices establish or update their branding – from new logos to full-on graphic design overhauls – and we would be more than happy to create a fresh, unique, and powerful look for you, too!

    Interested? Let’s get in touch – call our office at (833) 823-3335.

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