There’s no denying the power of a strong logo. After all, you know exactly who the company is—even if the name isn’t spelled out—when you see golden arches, an apple with a bite out of it, or a swooshing checkmark.

The fact of the matter, however, is this:

Massive corporations aren’t the only businesses that need effective branding.

No matter the size of your practice, you need visual representation that patients and prospective patients can quickly identify as being you.

Logos are important considerations in graphic design, but this is merely a starting point. Your entire look—colors, fonts, images, etc.—has to be on-point in every marketing element.

Professional graphic design services, like those we offer at VMD Services, are an integral part of both brand representation and the best possible patient experience.

Why Your Practice Needs Visual Branding

Proper visual representation—including having a great logo—gives you a leg up on the competition:

  • It makes a solid first impression. A great logo catches the eye immediately. It engages and entices. It gives your practice instant credibility right from the start, before a prospective patient has even met you.
  • It builds trust. Beyond the first impression, great branding is a sign of your professionalism. It shows that you know what you’re doing and that you care about doing good work. On the flip-side, if you don’t have an established brand—or have a poor one—potential patients may question your competence in other areas. Is that fair? No, it isn’t. But it’s the truth.
  • It establishes your brand. What makes you different from your competitors? What do you want patients to be most impressed by? Is it your bedside manner? Your advanced training and technology? Your down-to-earth approach? Your accessibility? Your logo can communicate and reinforce these values to your patients. And you can put it everywhere—signage, advertisements, e-mails, etc.—to increase your visibility.

How Our Team Can Help You Find Your Identity

It’s one thing to say your practice needs to be branded. It’s quite another to actually make that happen. While many of the best graphical designs are strikingly simple, designing the perfect look for your practice is a lot more complicated than that.

Effective branding is:

  • Memorable. Something simple (not overdesigned), yet still bold and unique. It sticks in the mind and is easy to remember. It sets you apart from the rest of the pack.
  • Adaptable. You’re going to be using your logo everywhere—on your website, on printed materials, on e-mail, etc. so you need one that looks great and shows up clearly no matter the size, the medium, or even in black and white (or negative against a dark background). 
  • Timeless (or as close to it as possible). Certainly, your visual branding should look fresh and contemporary. But you also want to be sure it won’t look dated in just a few years. Basically, you want your new look to last as long as possible.  
  • Appropriate. This gets at the heart of your branding. Your logo needs to reflect your values and your personality as a practice. It doesn’t have to be self-explanatory, but it does have to “feel” right for who you are. 
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The VMD Services team works hard to ensure you get exceptional branding—and have a great experience getting there. Before the design process begins, we’ll get to know you and your practice in depth. We’ll talk about your current branding, favorite colors, and design preferences. We’ll get at what you really want your logo to say to your patients. And then, we’ll provide you with multiple design choices that you can select, adjust, and customize until it’s just right. 

Establish Your Brand Today!

For almost a decade, we’ve helped hundreds of medical practices update their branding—doing everything from creating new logos to full-on branding and graphic design overhauls. And we’re excited to do the same for you too!

Interested? Let’s get in touch—give our office a call at (833) 823-3335 today.

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