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Uncover the Local SEO Gamechanger: Elevate Your Presence Now!

Premier Podiatry & Orthopedics embarked on a mission – to supercharge their local SEO game by ushering in a wave of glowing reviews for their practice. Harnessing the power of our online platform, the outcome? Astonishing results within just 5 months!

Online Reputation Management

Ignite Your Local SEO with Our Online Platform!

Unlock the Power of Our Platform: Here’s Why!


Simplicity at Its Best!

Start with a breeze! Our experts not only set everything up flawlessly but also take pleasure in coaching your team to harness the platform’s full potential. And remember, we’re just a phone call away, ready to provide support whenever you need it.

Your Reviews, Centralized and Simplified!

Gone are the days of hunting through multiple review sites – now, you can access all your reviews in one convenient Reviews section right here on our platform. The cherry on top? You can engage with your audience by responding directly to Google and Facebook reviews!

We’ve even got a time-saving trick up our sleeves – set up response templates and rulesets to streamline your responses based on specific criteria Review management made effortless!

Effortless Patient Connections!

Say goodbye to scheduling hassles, and hello to seamless interactions! With our platform, you can effortlessly handle scheduling updates, send out birthday cheers, broadcast messages to the masses, and a whole lot more. Collect survey data with ease and transform voicemail messages into convenient text chats.

Hold on, we’ve got an extra treat for you! Your very own chatbot stepping in to tackle those common questions, delivering quick answers to your customers in a flash. It’s not just about forging connections; it’s about delivering lightning-fast solutions that work like magic for your local SEO game!

Boost Your Reviews: The Recipe for Local SEO Success!

Here’s the scoop: Most folks tend to leave reviews only when they’re either exceptionally thrilled or quite disappointed with a service or product. But there’s a secret to garnering more positive reviews and supercharging your local SEO – simply ask satisfied customers to share their experiences!

Spotlight on the Heavyweights: Google and Facebook

With a plethora of review sites out there, it’s like navigating a maze. Fear not! Start with the powerhouses – Google and Facebook. These two titans hold immense sway and are readily accessible for all businesses, including yours.

Engage, Engage, Engage!

Monitoring reviews is step one, but stepping up means responding to them too. It’s more than customer care; it’s a testament to how much you value feedback. Showcasing your responsiveness not only wins over current customers but also leaves potential ones mighty impressed.

Tracking progress over time

Once you’ve kickstarted your review collection, keep an eye on consistency and adapt your strategies as needed. Dive into the analytical data for each review site configured within our platform. You can even identify the team members who’ve been championing those positive reviews.

With this winning recipe, you’ll not only garner stellar reviews but also propel your local SEO game to

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Empower Your Connection with Your Patients!

Text or Email Messages: Building lasting relationships starts with effective communication. You can effortlessly send scheduling reminders, warm birthday wishes, and even schedule mass message broadcasts to stay connected.

Voicemail to Text: Say goodbye to missed calls and unanswered questions! Your voicemails are transformed into text messages, neatly organized in your platform inbox. This allows you to respond promptly and continue the conversation via text – a game-changer for your busy schedule.

Survey Insights: Knowledge is power! Collect valuable insights from your customers through surveys. Understanding their desires and needs not only enhances your service but also boosts your ROI.

Meet Your Chatbot: In today’s fast-paced world, instant communication is the name of the game. Embed a chatbot on your website to swiftly respond to basic inquiries like business hours and contact details. It enables real-time chats or provides detailed responses at your convenience.

Curious to try our Chatbot? You’re in luck – enjoy a free 30-day trial! More details await you towards the bottom of this page.

Master Your Listings and Boost Your SEO!

Revitalize Your Listings: A Directory Detox!

Imagine directory sites like the digital business cards of the internet. Google, Facebook, Bing, Foursquare, and countless others host your vital business info. Search engines scout through these listings to gauge if your details are fresh – and this has a major impact on your local SEO game. Our platform streamlines the process, letting you tidy up info across multiple directory sites simultaneously, ensuring rock-solid consistency.

Reviews: Your SEO Rocket Fuel!

The more reviews you rack up, the higher your website soars on Google and other search engines. It’s like a magnet for increased website traffic, bringing a flurry of visitors to your doorstep. To drive home their importance, we’ll say it again—don’t shy away from asking for those reviews!

You Can Try Our Chatbot for Free

Elevate the Journey from Visitor to Patient with our Chatbot!

Meet your new secret weapon: our Chatbot. It’s not just a tool; it’s your HIPAA-compliant sidekick for reaching out to patients, even when the phone lines are quiet. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to instant patient communication. Our clients have witnessed a revolution in efficiency and patient intake.

Ready to see the magic in action? Grab a FREE 30-day demo of our Chatbot today!

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