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Lead Growth in 4 Months


Website Traffic Growth in 4 Months


Increase in Web Traffic from Local


Increase in Phone Calls From Google My Business Listings

Dr. Bryan Mohr is the head of a large practice in Minneapolis, MN, and wanted to expand his practice in new and explosive ways. This included building up new offices, hiring new doctors, and introducing new treatment options for patients.

A lot going on! Meanwhile, all of this is happening during Covid! Crazy, right!

Despite all of the challenges, Midwest Podiatry Centers found amazing results, seeing an increase in all of these areas, and here’s how we helped them:

  • A Brand New, Mobile Responsive Website
  • Cleaning Up Their Local SEO (Review Sites)
  • Facebook Ads
  • Advanced Email Marketing Targeting

First Steps – You Have Your Goals, But Where Do You Start?

One of the biggest challenges here for Dr. Mohr was making sure everyone knew about all the new things going on – new offices opening, new doctors, treatment options. How do you showcase this? 

First, you need to make sure you have a NEW website, one you want to show off. This means it loads quickly, looks great, and is easy for patients to navigate. Here’s some general rules of thumb for you:

  • Your patients should find what they want within 3 clicks
  • Visitors should stay long enough to convert into patients (we like to encourage a 2-minute plus time frame, but you need them to spend enough time to convert – fill out a form or call your office)
  • Showcase your most important services

Following the aforementioned steps, you can lead others to your website, and thanks to its exceptional quality, individuals will convert. This strategy enabled us to surpass conventional SEO methods, which did contribute to acquiring new patients, but these additional tactics significantly assisted us in achieving our objectives.




Midwest Podiatry Centers


Website Development

SEO Management

Local SEO


Social Media


Broadcast Email Marketing

Google Ads and Facebook Ads


Increase Organic Web Traffic

Website is the First Step, Second Step Is…

Since new offices were opening up, we wanted to make sure the local SEO was cleaned up and good to go. The most common way to view local SEO is to think about it as the Google Map pack at the top when you’re looking for a restaurant or place to do some shopping. You can include other sites with this, too, like Yelp or Facebook.

To ensure prominent visibility in a space that often rivals only Google ads, it’s crucial to have an exceptional website. However, once that’s in place, there’s a comprehensive checklist of items to ensure are accomplished:

  • Accuracy on multiple sites – ensuring not only your patients can verify the correct information, but Google can verify the accuracy of your practice as well.
  • Increase in reviews – both requesting reviews from patients as well as responding to any that come in.
  • Completeness of profiles – which includes plenty of photos so new patients know what your office and staff look like.

After completing many of these items with Dr. Mohr’s offices, we were able to see some very good growth:

  • Increased web traffic by 75%
  • 79.7% increase in phone calls from their Google My Business listing profiles

Note that phone calls are huge for doctor’s practices – most patients will try immediately calling you to schedule their appointments.

Emailing Patients – Let Them Know What’s Up

As the offices opened, new doctors came with each new location. So how do you let people know?

Email is one of the most efficient and inexpensive ways to let your patients know, especially if you use a comprehensive Emailing System tied in with a CRM. We’ve seen plenty of doctors go for snail mail, but in terms of cost-effectiveness, we’ve seen better results per cost. Think for a moment – it takes on average $0.51 for a metered (from bulk) letter. Multiply that by your patient list. Now you have anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to thousands. 

Emails usually involve the cost of your CRM and maybe the cost of someone creating the email for you. Otherwise, you can send out THOUSANDS of emails without an increasing cost.

Here are a few numbers from the campaigns we helped out with:

  • Introducing Dr. McGuire to the Burnsville office
    • 41.15% open rate! (Industry standard is 20-22%)
    • Sent to 4097 emails – that means 1686 people saw it!
  • Introducing Dr. McGuire – the initial practice-wide introduction
    • 28.22% open rate
    • Sent to 6864 people – 1937 people saw it!

An Additional Boost To Brand Awareness

Now if you thought emails were all you needed, you’re incorrect. Additionally, you need to get specific messages out to individuals who AREN’T your patients. What’s the best way to do that? We decided on Facebook Ads for specific treatment options.

Overall we focused on skin and nail treatment options since many patients want to quickly treat these issues. Here are some specifics:

  • Ingrown Toenails
    • 23 new patients
    • 23 existing patients
      • Cost: $482.70
      • Average Cost per result: $0.39
      • Impressions (times ads were on screen): 50,954
  • Plantar Warts Treatment
    • 8 Plantar Wart Patients (Swift) – existing
      • Cost: $482.91
      • Average Cost per result: $0.60
      • Impressions (times ads were on screen): 60,992

Our goal was to bring awareness to the new Plantar Warts Treatment Option (Swift) while also creating a fast sales funnel for ingrown toenails. The thought process?

Swift Technology is a new treatment therapy for treating warts in a high-quality fashion, and not many individuals know about it, so we wanted to get the word out. Facebook is great for that as it gives both a clear message as well as an interactive image and button. This helps educate everyone on a new technology, helping individuals make better and faster decisions. Additionally, the Midwest Podiatry Centers brand grows!

For ingrown toenails, they often turn painful – so painful that many want immediate treatment! So many will just immediately call the practice. So, it’s easy to get people’s attention from even just a branding standpoint, making the ingrown toenail campaign a very successful and profitable venture!

An Additional Boost To Brand Awareness

Just like for Midwest Podiatry Centers, we create a customized plan for all of our clients, which is tailored toward accomplishing your goals.

Whether you need help figuring out your goals or figuring out how to accomplish your goals, we can help you with both! Fill out our contact form to get started with a free consultation.

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