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Premier Podiatry & Orthopedics

Increasing leads to your practice is one thing. Increasing them enough that you need to hire a new associate to help? That’s VMD.

When Premier Podiatry & Orthopedics came to us for help receiving more local attention, our strategy focused on hitting two major points:

  • Location-focused Advertising
  • Online Reputation Building

Supercharging Google Ads

There are plenty of communities around Premier Podiatry & Orthopedics to draw more leads from. By increasing ad spending and focusing on particular areas with customized ad landing pages, we amplified leads without greatly increasing the cost per conversion.


Sacramento: 650 conversions


Roseville: 219 conversions


Citrus Heights: 145 conversions


Folson: 94 conversions

The Power of Positive Feedback

The staff at Premier Podiatry & Orthopedics are keenly aware that a consistent stream of favorable online reviews builds a reputation that gets noticed.

Providing reliably great service has never been an issue there. The tricky part was getting those happy patients to put their ratings and praise online. But leading patients to leave reviews is not as easy as one might expect.

The Premier Podiatry & Orthopedics staff had a firm focus on building reviews. What they didn’t have on their own, however, was the ability to provide patients a gentle push outside of the practice, or to keep track of who has been asked for reviews and which have come in.

That’s where we stepped in to help with our convenient review platform and regular updates on their progress!

We first trained staff on our easy-to-use system, which provides:

  • Simple ways to quickly reach out to patients via email or text at any time.
  • A dashboard to keep track of recent reviews and promptly respond to them (which you should do every time).
  • A method to monitor previously dispatched requests, preventing the unnecessary inconvenience of repeatedly contacting your patients.

We also sent the office weekly recaps of how many review requests they sent via email and text messages, as well as how many online reviews they received. The office rewarded staff by giving out prizes for every 15 reviews received in a month. They took the data we sent them to heart and really put their effort into receiving honest feedback from patients consistently.

Have those efforts borne fruit? They sure have!


Podiatry, orthopedics


Premier Podiatry & Orthopedics


EMKT Fulfillment

Custom Graphics

SEO Management

Local SEO


Broadcast Email Marketing

Website Hosting


Sacramento: 650 conversions (+195%)

Roseville: 219 conversions (+72%)

Citrus Heights: 145 conversions (+126%)

Folsom: 94 conversions (+88%)

“Today I had the most wonderful and enjoyable procedure done on a bad big toe at [Premier Podiatry & Orthopedics’] medical office. I had been putting it off until recently when it was re-injured while wearing the wrong pair of shoes. In fact, as I told Dr. Medawar, I was in pain recently from an unfamiliar pair of shoes which pressed on the offending toe and caused me to make a “California Stop” at a stop sign near my house. I received my first traffic citation in more than fifty years of driving! I was so anxious to get the shoe off and immediately called Dr. Medawar.  

I highly recommend [Premier Podiatry & Orthopedics]. It was a great experience and I am most grateful to have received help from them. Thanks Dr. Medawar and team!”

Ann B.

“I brought my daughter into Dr. Ripp for a severed tendon in her foot. He got us in right away and did an excellent job and was very caring and thoughtful when explaining what needed to be done with my 14-year-old. He performed a re-attachment procedure which went great. We are so grateful to him for the great job he did and the caring way he took care of our little girl! Thanks, Dr. Ripp!”

Evan M.

“Saw Dr. Ripp this morning and it was a refreshing experience. He is professional, nice and I didn’t feel pressure to buy, spend on practices not covered by my insurance. I had an extremely bad experience with the previous podiatrist that I saw in another office.

Dr. Ripp restored my confidence. I highly recommend him.”

“Dr. Ripp did an incredible job fixing my 4-year-old’s left foot! We were so glad we chose him! Dr. Ripp is great with kids and calmed our worries as he worked through the diagnosis.

We could not be more happy with the work of Dr. Ripp and the outcome of the procedure. Our little is now running around all over!

Thank you Dr. Ripp … you are an awesome foot doctor!”

Samuel B.

Getting Extra Help

The increased activity from ads and online reviews didn’t just require that the practice adds on a new associate – they needed some extra help accommodating incoming leads as well!

We were happy to provide them our chatbot service to help patients reach out to their offices via text messages. This provides potential patients another outlet to communicate, not only tying up the phone lines a little less but offering people who prefer not to use the phone a convenient method of making contact.

Thanks in part to the chatbot, user engagement has increased on the website. This increase in engagement has also helped decrease the website’s bounce rate by more than 11% (79.14% to 68.03%), strengthening it among Google and other search engines.

Our chatbot also provides an avenue for the office to easily send appointment reminders, which has decreased the no-show rate in the offices.

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