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We are living in challenging times and the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting you in ways you wouldn’t have imagined only a couple months ago:

  • You’re worried about loved ones and friends.
  • Your daily routines have been altered to a significant degree.
  • You get stressed out thinking about what it all means for your practice, your livelihood, and means of providing for your family.

At VMD Services, we understand your concerns and fears.

What helps us – and hopefully can help you as well – is remembering this:

These difficult times are only temporary.

We are going to get through them together.

And when we do, your practice can be in a stronger position than ever … if you take the right measures now!

Marketing Your Practice During the COVID-19 Pandemic

During times of panic – like in a pandemic – humans don’t always make the best decisions.

For example, some businesses out there are stopping their marketing!

That’s a huge mistake.

A smart approach is to adapt your marketing to current realities.

Going hand-in-hand with that, you should also adapt your business practices in a similar manner.

This means you may need to offer services you haven’t previously considered, such as telemedicine and valet medicine services.

If you are going to provide these for patients, do you know how to properly market them?

No need to worry – we do!

We Have Solutions to Help Your Practice Thrive

VMD Services is always dedicated to your practice’s growth and success. And that commitment doesn’t waver in the face of national emergencies.

We help you understand what the best strategy is for the situation at hand.

In this case, services we’re offering you – ones that can benefit your practice both now AND upon a return to normalcy – include:

1. Telemedicine Marketing

Want to keep seeing patients, even when they can’t come into the office to see you? Then your office should use telemedicine services! And when you do, you need to market them properly to your patients. We have the tools you need to do this effectively.

2. Valet Medical Services Marketing

Some conditions need in-person care and treatment. In cases like this, your practice may want to offer valet medical services. It’s essential to properly communicate these services with your patient base so they understand what they are and how to benefit from them. Your digital marketing plan has channels you should be utilizing for this!

3. Performance Dashboard (Our Success Studio)

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing a lot, but here’s something it won’t change: the importance of tracking digital marketing performance for your success. In fact, this is more important than ever. If you want reliable marketing tracking that is 100% transparent and objective, you’ll only get it from VMD Services and our Success Studio performance dashboards.

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