Sometimes, We Have to Let Others Do the Talking

We can only speak about ourselves so much. We know what you really want to see.


What is it actually like to work with VMD Services on your side? How have we had an impact on other podiatry practices’ online presence, marketing, and bottom line? Below, you can hear from clients’ personal experiences with us.

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In the last several months, working with you (the VMD team) has been fantastic! The feedback that I’ve been getting that I didn’t get before, is now uh – just for an example this morning getting that 5-star review, I just feel like there’s more commitment there. I feel like you guys are on top of these things and working hard for me. That’s what makes me feel comfortable. I was telling Tyler, I want to be able to see the value from what I’m doing and when I’m starting to see these reviews coming in and we are seeing more people interacting with the website. I can feel that it’s working. I can tell, we are getting phone calls and the fact that Angie is always available when I make calls, it’s very helpful. It feels good.

Andrew Marso, DPM

Wisconsin Foot Center

VMD has been excellent since I started using VMD services several years ago. They have been on the ball about everything from the latest technology and social media to staying on top of any other needs that I have requested over the years. Everybody is very responsive and a joy to work with! I enjoy having them as part of the team.

Mark Gasparini, DPM

Foot Specialists of Long Island

For businesses today, it is not simply enough to have a website and social media accounts. You must continually add quality content. It is difficult to find that time, when most of your days are taken up by the day to day needs of patient care and running your practice. VMD services provides quality content and they are the experts at staying on top of the ever changing Google algorithms and ways to optimize your online presence. Even if you have a marketer, I would recommend you hire VMD to make sure your online presence is optimized.

Amy Miller-Guhl, DPM

Waukesha Foot Specialists



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