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Integrated Local Solutions

Technology: The Best Solution for New Growth

Gone are the days when a simple office visit sufficed to establish a connection with patients. In this fast-paced, technology-immersed era, patients crave engagement at every step of their healthcare trek.


Imagine a realm where these connections are not just feasible, but effortlessly controllable. Step forward into a solution that is HIPPA compliant and harmonizes these intricate threads seamlessly – VMD Services’ Integrated Local Solutions, your ultimate catalyst for amplifying medical practice marketing. We help you reduce phone calls while still gaining new patients and connecting with your current ones!


Picture this: sending instant text messages, lively interactions on social media platforms, the art of email exchange, and swift responses to reviews – all orchestrated harmoniously within a single, integrated inbox. Embrace the convenience of unified communication like never before.


Why juggle multiple apps that other companies require to handle patient communications when VMD Services brings them all together in one user-friendly powerhouse? Say goodbye to complexity and hello to streamlined efficiency!


But that’s not all; we’re not just handing you this game-changing tool and walking away. We’re your dedicated support system, guiding you every step of the way. From comprehensive training to real-time updates, we’ve got your back on all fronts of our platform, and because our platform is used by your staff, each interaction is authentic!

Forge Seamless Connections, All in One Place

Break free from the constraints of multiple communication channels. With VMD Services, you can connect anytime, in every conceivable way, and manage it all effortlessly through one intuitive inbox.

Text Messages

Step into the future of patient engagement! Move over phone calls, because text messages are the new champions of swift responses. Embrace the power of texting to send appointment reminders and promptly address inquiries. No more missed connections or busy signals. By incorporating texting into your practice, you’ll witness fewer no-shows and a surge in patient loyalty.

And there’s more! Reach out to your entire patient base with mass notifications that highlight success stories, share wellness tips, or unveil enticing offers. Expand your practice’s reach and nurture its growth with personalized promotions.

Are you curious about the ease of connecting through your Google Listing? Try this: Search for VMD Services on Google using your mobile device. When our listing pops up, tap on the chat feature and engage with our team firsthand!

Reviews Matter

In the digital age, how you handle reviews on social media can make or break your practice’s reputation. With our platform, you’ll have swift access to all reviews, allowing you to respond promptly and build trust with your patients. 

Even when faced with disgruntled patients, you can show them you genuinely care by providing compassionate, solution-oriented responses, potentially retaining a valuable patient and showcasing your commitment to patient-centric care.

And for those grateful patients who give you a shoutout on social media, take the opportunity to express your appreciation. It’s all about nurturing the connections that fuel your practice’s success.

Elevate Your Social Game:

Unlock the true potential of social media—it’s not just a review platform, it’s the gateway to meaningful patient connections. Your patients often initiate contact through Facebook, Google messaging, or your Google Listing. And now, they can seamlessly send a text with a single click, even if they’re not yet patients.

Imagine the impact. With Integrated Local Solutions, you are instantly notified of these messages, empowering you to respond swiftly. Plus, take it a step further—delegate conversations to specific team members within your practice to ensure personalized care.

Stay Voicemail-Savvy

Say goodbye to missed calls forever. Our platform provides quick access to voicemail transcripts, enabling you to respond via text in a flash.

Even in those moments when your office phone lines decide to play hide-and-seek, rest easy knowing you can still receive and respond to messages through Integrated Local Solutions. No opportunity to connect with existing or potential patients will slip through the cracks.

Your All-in-One Inbox

Navigating these messaging services is a breeze. Log into your Integrated Local Solutions platform and choose from a menu of options. Along the left side, you’ll find tabs for your inbox, reviews, text campaigns, referrals, and much more. Dive even deeper with performance insights to track your progress.

Maximize your connections with a single click. See a glowing review? Respond on social media and then send a direct text to your patient. Efficient communication has never been more effortless.

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Your Prescription for Practice Success

Your inbox is more than just a digital mailbox; it’s your secret to mastering medical practice marketing.

Revv-Up Your Messaging Services. Skyrocket Your Patient Volumes.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth appointments surged, becoming a vital part of patient care. The time is ripe to integrate Integrated Local Solutions messaging services into your medical practice.

You can expect 3x higher conversions from text and email promotions, with an impressive 95% message open rate. Connect with patients 10X faster than by traditional calling methods, respond promptly to reviews to build and maintain patient trust, and witness a 20% monthly increase in leads.

We’re here to be your partner in success. Implement our user-friendly Integrated Local Solutions messaging services and elevate your practice’s ability to deliver a cutting-edge, technology-driven standard of care. Your patients deserve nothing less.

Seize Every Connection – Act Now!

In an age where technology is seamlessly woven into the fabric of daily existence, healthcare should be no exception. With Integrated Local Solutions messaging services, you can effortlessly become a part of your patients’ daily lives.

Already onboard with ILS? Elevate your medical practice marketing game with messaging services for a mere $50 per listing. Ready to dive in? Reach out to us at (833) 823-3335 or simply start a conversation through our Google Listing Chat feature to schedule a demo today. Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingertips!

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