Get More Patients with a Shot of Technology

It’s no longer enough to just connect with a patient in the office. In today’s technology-driven world, patients want to connect at every phase of their healthcare journey.    

You need a technology solution to make these connections not only possible but also manageable. You need Integrated Local Solutions from VMD Services to boost your medical practice marketing. 

Send text messages. Interact on social media. Exchange emails.  Respond to reviews. And do it all from the convenience of one integrated inbox.

a man on his phone with an icon above it showing someone it in the middle of texting him back
A person in the middle of a texting conversation on their phone

Connect Any Time, In Every Way, AND Manage All Connections Through One Convenient Inbox. 

Text Messages

It’s a fact. More people are willing to respond to a text message than answer a phone call. Leave the busy signal behind. Start texting with your patients today to send appointment reminders and respond to inquiries. You’ll reduce no-shows in your practice schedule and increase patient retention. 

You can also send mass notifications. Promote a success story or share a healthy tip with all current or prospective patients. You can even send out promotions and offers to help grow your business. 

Wanna see how easy it can be for your patients to text you from your Google Listing – just search VMD Services in Google on your mobile device and when you come to our listing – click on the chat feature and talk with our team!

Reviews are where it’s at…

How you respond to reviews on social media can have a big impact on your practice. Easily access and respond to all reviews promptly to build trust. Have any disgruntled patients? Let them know you care by providing compassionate, solution-oriented responses. Your communication could help retain a valued patient and show potential patients your commitment to patient-centered care. And for those grateful patients that give you a shoutout on social media, let them know you appreciate the mention.

Go Social… 

Social media is not just about responding to reviews. Many people make the first point of contact on social through Facebook or Google messaging or from your Google Listing – and now they can text you with one click. Even if they aren’t patients yet… now that’s impressive. With Integrated Local Solutions, you will get an alert for all of these messages so you can respond quickly. You can even assign conversations to team members within your practice. 


Never miss a call again. Quickly access a transcript of your voicemails and then text a reply. 

Even if your office phone lines go down, you can still receive and respond to messages through Integrated Local Solutions. So, you’ll never miss an opportunity to connect with an existing patient or gain a potential patient’s trust.

The Messaging Services Inbox

To access all these messaging services, you can simply log into your Integrated Local Solutions platform and select from a menu of options. Along the left side, you will see tabs for your inbox, reviews, text campaigns, referrals, and so much more. You can even view insights to track your performance. 

Maximize your connections by coordinating more than one interaction with just a click. When you see a positive review, you can respond publicly on social media and then text your patient directly. Efficient communication has never been easier. 

Your inbox is a one-stop shop for all your messaging needs. It’s your prescription for successful medical practice marketing.

    Expand Your Messaging Services. Increase Your Patient Volumes. 

    When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, there was a surge in telehealth appointments. More and more patients continue to rely on telehealth services. So, now is the time to incorporate Integrated Local Solutions messaging services into your medical practice.

    • Experience 3x higher conversions from text and email promotions.
    • Get 95% of your outbound messages read and watch your volumes grow. 
    • Use messaging services to connect with patients 10X faster than by calling.
    • Respond to patient reviews quickly to gain and retain existing patients. 
    • Increase leads by 20% per month.

    We’re here to partner with you. Implement the user-friendly Integrated Local Solutions messaging services and rest assured of your practice’s top-notch capabilities to provide a superior technology-based standard of care.

      Never Miss a Patient Interaction Again. Sign Up for Messaging Services Today!

      Technology is part of every aspect of daily life – healthcare should be no different. Using Integrated Local Solutions messaging services, you can integrate seamlessly into the daily lives of your patients. 

      If you have ILS already – You can upgrade your medical practice marketing with messaging services for just $50 per listing. Get started by calling (833) 823-3335 or contacting us through our Google Listing Chat feature and schedule a demo today.

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