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Powerful, Direct, Email Marketing

Could Email Transform Your Podiatry Success Story? Find Out!

At VMD Services, we consider your practices bottom line a top priority. We know that you are constantly seeking avenues to enhance your profits and bring your patients back in to see you

The Challenge:

In the dynamic realm of healthcare, maintaining a strong connection with your valued patients is paramount. We recognize the challenge of running a practice, seeing patients, and keeping your finger on everything that goes on in your practice. That is why we are offering a unique opportunity for you to get started email marketing to grow your podiatry practice.

Why Email Marketing is a Game-Changer:

Enter the realm of email marketing—a powerful, direct communication channel designed to meet your patient’s specific needs, share vital information, and consistently immerse them in what is happening in your practice.

Our Game-Changing Solution:

To showcase the transformative power of email marketing, we invite you to experience it firsthand for one month, completely risk-free and at no cost. Our all-encompassing solution is crafted to tackle the distinctive challenges faced by practices like yours.

OH… DID WE MENTION THAT SETUP IS FREE? Normally $1250, we are waving the setup fees when you connect with us and get a call scheduled.

Unleash These Features and Propel Your Practice

  • Sophisticated Tracking for ROI: Witness the impact of our communications and measure the return on investment for your marketing efforts.
  • Three FREE Ready-to-Go Campaigns: Enjoy professionally crafted customized campaigns, primed for deployment to save you time and money. You can choose from any of the following campaigns:
    • Heel Pain Campaign
    • Custom Orthotics Campaign
    • Bunion Campaign
    • Plantar Wart Campaign
    • Fungal Nail Campaign
    • Diabetes Campaign
Roi Calculator
  • Easy Integration with Your Website: We will seamlessly merge our email marketing platform with your website for a seamless online presence.
  • Referral Management for Your Marketer: Streamline referral processes and amplify your practice’s growth potential.
  • Regularly Updated Patient Lists: Ensure your patient contact lists are consistently current, enabling targeted communication with timely information.
  • And More: Uncover additional features designed to streamline communication efforts and elevate patient engagement.

We are happy to schedule a demo with you and show you how this will skyrocket your growth in 2024!

Affordable Excellence:

Following the initial trial month, the cost is contingent on your practice’s contact volume and can start as low as $169/month. An affordable and scalable solution precisely tailored to meet your unique needs.

OH… DID WE MENTION THAT SETUP IS FREE? Normally $1250, we are waving the setup fees when you connect with us during this promotion and ask to get started with email marketing in 2024.

Why Choose VMD Services

Podiatry Experts: Our team specializes in understanding the nuances of podiatry practices, ensuring your marketing aligns perfectly with your unique needs.

Transparent Pricing: No hidden fees – our transparent approach means you know where every dollar goes.

Ready to Transform Your Practice?

We firmly believe that embracing email marketing is a practice-altering move, enhancing your ability to serve patients effectively and keep them well-informed. To take advantage of this free month, simply fill out the form above or give us a call, and our dedicated team will guide you through the seamless setup process.

We are eager to elevate your patient communication so you can continue delivering exceptional care.