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Do you know how to market your podiatry practice and get results?

Do you know how to market your podiatry practice and get results?

Do you know how to market your podiatry practice and get results? You will now…with these outstanding tips from the nation’s top podiatry marketing agency! If you’re looking for tips on how to effectively market your podiatry practice, the odds are pretty good that you already know how important this is for your success. In the event you don’t fall into that camp, here’s something to think...

THE Official Summit ’19 Recap

THE Official Summit ’19 Recap

The start of fall is a special time for the podiatry community for a HUGE reason: Top Practices’ Annual Marketing and Management Summit! Every September, Top Practices’ founder and CEO, Rem Jackson, and his team host this event for podiatrists and office staff members who are dedicated to achieving their practice goals. And every year, VMD Services is proud to attend as a vendor. Today, we’re...

Ultimate Medical Marketing Strategy [Complete Guide]

Ultimate Medical Marketing Strategy [Complete Guide]

We are going to start by breaking down the reasons why you need to have a marketing strategy. As we do, you’ll develop a better understanding of marketing strategy than you probably ever expected to have—and this newfound knowledge will be instrumental in helping you make your practice everything you want it to be. Jumping right into it, you need a marketing strategy to accomplish the following:...

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