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9 Tips to Make Your Marketing More Engaging

Want to waste your time?

Try creating marketing content purely for the sake of just doing it and—even better—make sure you start without having any plan at all.

That’s a surefire way to waste time!

But you’re a smart medical professional who knows that time is a precious resource. Further, you understand...

4 Tactics to BOOST Your Podiatry Marketing During the Holidays

It’s not hard to find examples of things that most people have strong feelings for or against. No one in the U.S. needs to look much farther than our current state of politics—which is something we are NOT getting into!

So let’s go with a considerably less controversial source of polarization:


4 Ways to Reach Your Perfect Patient

Here's a basic truth about digital marketing:

We can build your podiatry practice the best possible website—one that is easily found in online searches, properly branded with visual appeal, and has an optimal user experience (UX)—but it won’t matter unless you are able to connect with your target market.

That’s important to...

53 ACTIONABLE Tips for Your Podiatry Marketing Strategy

If you’re looking for tips on how to market your podiatry practice effectively, the odds are pretty good that you already know how important this is for your success.

In the event you don’t fall into that camp, here’s something to think about:

Digital marketing includes all the best current practices for...

Ultimate Podiatry Marketing Strategy [Complete Guide]

We are going to start by breaking down the reasons why you need to have a marketing strategy. As we do, you’ll develop a better understanding of marketing strategy than you probably ever expected to have—and this newfound knowledge will be instrumental in helping you make your practice everything...

7-Signs Your Podiatry Practice’s Website Needs Updating

Your website is more than just the business card for your medical practice—it’s the online face. This makes it the keystone for all medical marketing activities.

And while it may have been state-of-the-art when built, website technology is constantly evolving and improving to meet more sophisticated user demands. No...

10-Tips to Ignite Your Podiatry Practice’s Marketing

Physicians today navigate an ever-evolving world in many aspects of medicine, but this is especially true when it comes to attracting and retaining patients. Additionally, the fast-changing online landscape often makes implementing effective marketing strategies for medical practices feel like shooting a moving target.

But however difficult it may...

Organic vs Local SEO—What’s the Difference?

“SEO? Isn’t that an 80s band or something?”

If you don’t know organic search from organic coffee, or local SEO from a hole in the ground, you’re not alone. Although the two concepts are related by a shared acronym—SEO—there are some key differences, too.

And as a medical practitioner, you need to...

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