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THE Official Summit ’19 Recap

The start of fall is a special time for the podiatry community for a HUGE reason:

Top Practices’ Annual Marketing and Management Summit!

Every September, Top Practices’ founder and CEO, Rem Jackson, and his team host this event for podiatrists and office staff members who are dedicated to achieving their practice goals.


Ultimate Medical Marketing Strategy [Complete Guide]

We are going to start by breaking down the reasons why you need to have a marketing strategy. As we do, you’ll develop a better understanding of marketing strategy than you probably ever expected to have—and this newfound knowledge will be instrumental in helping you make your practice everything you want it...

7-Signs Your Healthcare Practice’s Website Needs Updating

Your website is more than just the business card for your medical practice—it’s the online face. This makes it the keystone for all medical marketing activities.

And while it may have been state-of-the-art when built, website technology is constantly evolving and improving to meet more sophisticated user demands. No matter if we’re...

10-Tips to Ignite Your Medical Practice’s Marketing

Physicians today navigate an ever-evolving world in many aspects of medicine, but this is especially true when it comes to attracting and retaining patients. Additionally, the fast-changing online landscape often makes implementing effective marketing strategies for medical practices feel like shooting a moving target.

But however difficult it may be, marketing is...

Organic vs Local SEO—What’s the Difference?

“SEO? Isn’t that an 80s band or something?”

If you don’t know organic search from organic coffee, or local SEO from a hole in the ground, you’re not alone. Although the two concepts are related by a shared acronym—SEO—there are some key differences, too.

And as a medical practitioner, you need to...

How to Get Online Reviews for Your Medical Practice

Do you trust and choose businesses that don’t have any online reviews? No? So why would your patients?

If you want your waiting room to be full nowadays, you need to be found online. Since most people don’t venture far past Page 1 of the Google search results, your site needs to...

How to Respond to Online Reviews (and Spruce Up Your PR)

Here is a riddle for you: What do we always ask for yet dread to receive?

An opinion!

Sure, they’re pretty rad when they’re positive opinions. Who doesn’t like to bask in the warm sunlight of reassurance?

However, stand out in the open air of public feedback long enough and some negativity...

Ontraport & VMD Services: A Powerful 1-2 Punch

Podiatrists who trust VMD Services with their marketing know this:

We work hard and use our talent and experience so you see results—more calls to your office, more patients in the waiting room, etc.

One of the advantages you receive by having VMD Services handle your own online marketing is our relationship...

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