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10 ESSENTIAL Podiatry Marketing Pointers (During a Pandemic)

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all living in unprecedented times. No one in our country can remember going through anything quite like this.

On top of that, so much is changing on a frequent basis. Even now, as we’re writing this, it’s strange to think about how different...

Why Transparency Is Important to a Podiatry Practice Owner

Transparency is a very popular topic nowadays. And for good reason. Society has been molded to “trust but verify” the days of a “gentleman’s handshake” and taking someone's word for it has faded quickly.

In this modern world, we obviously have technology and tools that allow us to share information so much...

The 5 Most Important Metrics for Podiatrists to Track

Many podiatrists out there—perhaps you’re one of them yourself—wear two distinct hats:

Doctor and business owner.

As you know, this is not always an easy balance.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a turnkey resource for you because preparation for these two roles is wildly different. When you enroll at a top business school like...

Why Transparency Matters for Your Practice

Transparency essentially comes down to being clear and honest with patients, so it probably wouldn’t surprise anyone to hear that transparency leads patients to trust their doctors even more.

However, without a clear idea of what transparency means, how it improves performance, and the ways podiatry practices can be transparent (or fail...

Do Your Online Ads Even Work?

The amount of data that can be pulled and analyzed nowadays is absolutely staggering. Perhaps as a symptom of this condition, it can be difficult for podiatry practices to accurately tell how well their online ads are performing.

Here’s the thing about that:

No matter if you’re a private practice just getting...

How Marketing Helps You Achieve Your Practice Goals

As a podiatrist, you obviously treat individuals who are suffering from foot and ankle pain, right? Less obvious—to the point that many podiatrists forget this—is the fact you’re also a businessperson.

When you run your podiatry practice, you need to think like a business owner.

Well, at least if you want your...

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