Valet Medical Services Marketing Package

Due to COVID-19, one of the biggest challenges you are facing right now is this:

Many patients are nervous or scared to go to your office.

Sure, they might rationally understand that health care professionals are taking every measure possible to keep them safe – but rational thought and human emotion aren’t always on the same page.

That’s very concerning because you rely on a steady stream of patients to pay bills, pay your staff, and keep your practice open.

So what can you do about this?

Perhaps your practice is offering telemedicine appointments. But what about medical treatments that cannot be administered virtually?

Offer valet medical services!

Valet medical services: keeping patients safe at in-person appointments

What is a valet medical service?

Essentially, we are referring to measures your practice can take to minimize the amount of time patients spend in your office and with others.

The specific details as to how a practice implements valet medical services will differ. Some examples include:

  • Escorting patients from their cars
  • Utilizing side entrances
  • Allowing patients to avoid the waiting room
  • Treating patients in private exam rooms
  • Providing sanitizer at the front door

Again, every practice will do this differently, and you may have some ideas that others aren’t utilizing. As long as you meet the key element of having something you offer above and beyond your normal services, you should be promoting these features to your patients.

How can you promote valet medical services at your practice?

A big part of marketing is emphasizing how your practice differs from the competition, right?

Given that the very nature of valet medical services is all about going above and beyond, you should be utilizing your marketing channels – website, email, social media (etc.) – so your patients understand this is something you offer that perhaps the other guys don’t.

When patients are deciding between you and your competition, your marketing will show why you’re the right choice for them.

And we’re here to help you do exactly that!

We’ve created customizable valet medicine marketing strategies to effectively build your online presence and create awareness of your special services.

Start promoting your valet services today!

Contact us right now and get the tools you need to make sure patients know about your special services and understand exactly how they benefit from them!

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