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We know that just about everything feels like it happens online, but it’s not the only pillar of an ultimate marketing strategy. 

It’s definitely a big part — and VMD Services is here to get yours working for you to its fullest! But what about referral marketing? Database building? Are you fully prepared to adjust when you’re ready to expand your practice? 

You should have plans and answers for all facets of your marketing and practice management, and that’s why we’re partnered exclusively with Top Practices.

Virtual Marketing Directors and Top Practices—A Prestigious Package

There’s a difference between just covering all of your marketing bases and having a combined, comprehensive marketing effort. Marketing strategies work hand-in-hand, and when you have yours synchronized beneath one umbrella, the results are going to amplify! 

VMD Services and Top Practices have the same ideals and commitment when it comes to seeing our clients excel. That’s why we stay in consistent communication with each other as well as with you, so we can connect and work together to achieve your goals. 

In fact, VMD Services grew out of a need for the Top Practices doctors to have a sophisticated online marketing partner who not only understood the elements of digital marketing, but understood the elements of great marketing. Now VMD Services is the only company Top Practices recommends to manage your digital marketing strategies. 

Having a marketing strategy where one pillar is acting solo and not always up-to-date with the game plan is a recipe for chaos and wasted resources. VMD + Top Practices not only provide better results, but the combination is a good deal as well! Clients who take advantage of both services enjoy a significantly discounted rate. 

So, what are the benefits of Top Practices?

The Top Practices Marketing Mastermind Group

The Top Practices Marketing Mastermind Group is built on a simple premise: The more you know, the more you can accomplish! 

Since 2007, this specialized network of doctors from all over North America and Australia, led by Top Practices Founder and CEO Rem Jackson, has enabled dozens of podiatrists to explode their practice growth and manage their expansion. 

Designed to be affordable (less than one-third the revenue only one average patient brings to your practice each month), the Mastermind Group gives you access to: 

The most extensive marketing online library in existence, searchable for members 24 hours per day. 

Access to experts in additional fields who help members be as profitable as they can be. 

Direct coaching and support from CEO Rem Jackson, who will help you build a plan with goals designed to solve your issues and make practicing fun and profitable. 

Live coaching events each month where top marketing ideas that are working are shared by the members. 

Additional coaching on business mindset, the kind of thinking successful people use to explode their success. 

Exclusive access to Virtual Marketing Director Services at highly discounted rates. 

Help when you need it. Period. 

Top Practices Summit

The Top Practices Summit happens only once per year and is different from every other meeting in podiatry. 

The Summit is two-and-a-half days of positive, information-filled workshops, as well as seminars, roundtables, and demonstrations. It is laser-focused on marketing, so that you can grow your practice to its optimal size; then, we teach you how to manage that larger practice without stress and frustration. 

The ultimate design of the Summit is to spark you and your staff to make your practice operate much more effectively and profitably. 

VMD Services also attends each Summit to meet with clients and provide digital marketing advice in a variety of topics. We wouldn’t miss a party!

Top Practices Publishing

In addition to referral marketing, Top Practices also offers newsletters, books, and campaigns to share with prospective patients—and VMD Services can help you with the promotion! 

Top Practices provides a monthly newsletter to patients filled with foot care advice, general health tips, and a few other fun items. Each newsletter is branded to your practice and ready for uploading to a website archive and/or emailing out to your growing patient list. 

Separate from the newsletters are books and campaigns that can target specific types of patients. Top Practices has several pre-created books that can be customized to your liking, or you can write one of your own! 

These small books are then published in print and electronic format for patients to sign up and receive, adding them to your mailing database and setting them at the start of a campaign that contacts them at intervals via email and even printed letters. This regular engagement can make your practice go from an afterthought to a committed appointment. 

What is VMD Service’s role in it all? We provide campaign fulfillment services (i.e. sending books and letters out) as well as email marketing database management services—all to keep your campaigns ready and moving! 

Do You Want In? 

VMD Services and Top Practices together have helped the success stories of many clients, and we’d love to do the same for you. Call us today to get your nights and weekends back and join the best of the best in podiatric marketing.  

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