Video Marketing

People still love the silver screen, but it now competes with billions of much
smaller counterparts on our desks and in our pockets.

Just about anyone can make a short video now with a small amount of equipment,
and our online culture is keen on seeing and sharing what people produce.

The biggest video sharing site, YouTube, has more than 1 billion users; that’s roughly a third of everyone who uses the Internet! And in the U.S., around 75 million people
watch at least one video online every day.

But YouTube is not the only place on the Internet where video has an impact. In many cases, video can act like a siren’s call to increase people’s attention toward other things.
For example, according to the website Cloudswave:

Videos on websites can increase traffic up to 55%

Facebook videos increase user engagement
by 33%

Just saying the word “video” in an email subject line can increase click-through rate by 13x

Good video can have a multitude of uses for your practice.

It can increase engagement on your website, which can increase your search
rankings over time.  It can make you more visible on social media.

It can provide guidance and a way for patients to access your information after an appointment. (Do you have something you say to patients all the time? Think about recording it!)  But not just any video will do. It needs direction, editing, polish, and proper placement.

That’s where we come in.

Recording What Works

Recording a good, usable video might not be as hard as you imagine. A state-of-the-art studio and thousand-dollar video rig are not necessary.

(Although we’re not going to complain if you have those. We’ll probably want to come over and see them!)

Having a decent-grade digital camera is ideal, but a video can be shot on a cell phone if absolutely necessary. You will almost always want to use landscape instead of portrait mode, if this is the case.

Another must-have investment is a tripod, even if you’re just using a phone. A shaky camera can really throw viewers off, and having your hands free is a huge help in shooting as well.

Finding the best places to shoot may require a few takes and experimentation. Will you want to be in front of an exam table? At your front desk? Will you want to be in scrubs, a lab coat, or your favorite casual wear?

A lot of these decisions will depend on the goals you’re setting for each video, as well as environmental factors such as room acoustics. We can help you figure out the best ways and situations for getting better video in fewer takes.

Editing & Sharing

When you are satisfied with your raw footage, our video specialists here at VMD Services can optimize the appearance of the end product.

We can make some graphical and audio adjustments to the footage itself, if needed. On top of that, we can add overlays of logos, informational images, and text—not forgetting the title cards at the beginning and end to show who you are and how patients can reach you.

The proper edits can increase the focus of an informational video or make a for-fun video even more appealing. And that can make a big difference, depending on where these videos will end up! Is this video for an email? It would help to have an eye-catching splash image. On your Facebook page? Maybe there it should be edited more toward a consistent look for your brand.

It also matters a great deal whether people can see your video properly on their phones as well. Nearly half of all video watched online is now seen on a mobile phone or tablet. We can make sure your video is optimized for mobile devices.

Not every video is the same. From testimonials to post-op advice to exhibiting your outreach toward the community in events and fundraisers, let us help your video provide a clearer story and have a wider impact.

Make Video a Window into Your Practice

The presence and influence of video online is only growing. The sooner you start building a library of quality clips, the stronger your reach will be with them in the future.

Your website, social media, and email marketing can all receive a significant boost from the presence of video. But without a clear strategy for how and why you want to reach potential patients, you might as well be posting random cat videos.

VMD Services is all about combining the elements of digital marketing into one grand, cohesive plan that generates results. Call our office today at 833-823-3335 to learn more about how we can help your practice’s online presence thrive.



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