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Videos used to be a luxury item in marketing, but those days are long gone. Now if you want your practice to stand out, they are a necessity.

Some quick figures to support that:

  • Marketing emails featuring videos have insane conversion rates of almost 50%.
  • 70% of sites in the top 100 for virtually any keywords have videos.
  • Potential customers who watch videos are 85% MORE LIKELY TO TAKE ACTION than those who don’t—and this includes patients making appointments!

Of course, not all videos are equal!

You probably don’t want your practice to be using videos with the production value of a home movie, so you might want to hire professionals—like the ones you find at VMD Services—to make yours look their best.

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How Can Videos Bring in New Patients?

YouTube gets the lion’s share of attention, but it’s not the only place on the Internet where video has an impact. In many cases, video can act like a siren’s call to increase people’s attention toward other things:

  • Videos on websites can increase traffic up to 55%.
  • Facebook videos increase user engagement by 33%.
  • Just saying the word “video” in an email subject line can increase click-through rate by 13x.

A good video can have a multitude of uses for your practice:

  • It can increase engagement on your website, which can increase your search rankings over time. 
  • It can make you more visible on social media. 
  • It can provide guidance and a way for patients to access your information after an appointment. (Do you have something you say to patients all the time? Think about recording it!) 

But not just any video will do. It needs direction, editing, polish, and proper placement. And that’s where we come in. Our video marketing pros know what it takes for your videos to actually work.

What Constitutes Good Video Marketing?

When we consider what makes some video marketing “good” and others “bad,” here’s a logical starting point:

Does it work?

Posting videos for the sake of posting videos is a waste of everyone’s time. A better approach is to determine what you are trying to accomplish.

The next step is making sure your videos are varied in nature.

As a general rule, not all of your videos should be the same. Fortunately, there are many outstanding ways to use them in your marketing: everything from testimonials to post-op advice to exhibiting your practice’s outreach in the community (through events and fundraisers, for example).

Proper formatting is another important consideration—especially as it relates to how people will be viewing your videos.

Given that a majority of video plays happen via phone or tablet, your videos had better be formatted for those platforms. (This is a key reason why our team at VMD Services makes sure client videos are optimized for ALL devices!)

Videos Should Be Part of Your Marketing Plan
(Now Let’s Make Sure They Are!)

The presence and influence of video online is only growing. The sooner you start building a library of quality clips, the stronger your reach will be with them in the future.  

But without a clear strategy for how and why you want to reach potential patients, you might as well be posting random cat videos. (Yes, people love cat videos; HOWEVER, you don’t want people associating them with your brand—especially as a medical professional.)

VMD Services is all about combining the elements of digital marketing—including video—into one grand, cohesive plan that generates results for your practice.

Call our office today at (833) 823-3335 to learn more about how we can help your online presence thrive. 

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