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Whether you’re into it or not, social media now has a huge influence in connecting and sculpting our culture.

From doting grandparents bragging about their grandchildren on Facebook to young adults monitoring the streams of posts on Twitter, just about everyone has platforms that they use to connect to people and organizations they like online.

If your practice isn’t there too, you’re missing out on those connections.

At VMD Services, one of our many specialties is setting up social media platforms and developing strategies that make your social presence work toward attracting the types of patients you want to see.

Whether you or someone in your office is social media savvy or has barely touched it, we can work with you!

Two Goals of Social Media Marketing

Just being on social media all the time and sending out whatever comes to mind only works for a few people, like Kanye West (and even then, he’s not always the best).

To make social media work best for your practice, it’s ideal to have a strategy and goals moving forward.

Now, the spontaneous nature of social media makes carefully crafting every post you create a not-so-great idea, but there is still plenty of planning you can do in terms of your direction.

Fundamentally, there are two big goals of social media as a business.



What do you want potential patients to know about your practice and the treatments you provide? Social media is a great place to share the blogs and pages of your website as well, and the kinds of patients you most want to attract should have a large influence on the types of information you share on social media.


Information should not be the only goal of your accounts, however. People also want to know more about the people within your practice and see the more “human” element, as well. Celebrate holidays. Share fun posts and ideas. Upload photos of office life and what your practice does in the community. All of this helps promote you as a brand and make potential patients even more likely to keep you at the forefronts of their minds.
We may ask questions about your patient demographics or whether any big events are coming up in your area.

Once we have a strategy, we then schedule posts around it, as well as go into your accounts on a regular basis to interact and post about more timely items.

The “appeal” goal is something we can work hard on through our end, but we’ll be honest: the best results come with more involvement from your office. Taking photos of your office and the events you attend is stellar. You can upload them, or we can upload them for you.

The bottom line: the more collaboration we and your office have, the more brilliantly your social media platforms can shine!

Making Social Media Platforms Fit Your Profile

A social media strategy can extend over multiple platforms, but the ways each are used and interact with their users are different.

Just like any tool, each social media platform may be best suited for particular outreaches. Let’s take a quick look at several popular platforms and some recommended ways to use them.


Arguably the big kahuna of them all, Facebook is great both for regular postings that have lasting power and galleries of photos. Building a base of people who like your page is important, as it is otherwise difficult to share your posts to outsiders without paying to boost or advertise.


Think of Twitter as a fast-flowing stream. The posts do not stay on top of relevance long, but there is still potential to reach a lot of widespread people if a
topic really takes off.

Pinterest & Instagram

These platforms are similar in that both are heavily image-focused. They are good ways to showcase galleries such as products you might have for sale, or treatments you offer. Each has a different set of demographics that may make some images more appealing than others.


We know you might be tired of requests from people saying they’d “like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn,” but this networking site remains a sound way to build your reputation and share information.

We talk about strategy often, but it’s important! As we measure the performance of your social media accounts and hone the overall goals of your practice from month to month, the focus of content on your social media accounts will likely adjust as well.

You Need a Social Media Navigator

Social media is one of the most dynamic elements of a digital marketing strategy, changing with the whims and tides of culture (and perhaps the occasional summoning to a congressional hearing).

Our experts keep on top of the changing tides of social media, but also dig down into how your own strategies are working on a local level. That way, we can chart courses that have a big impact on your online presence in the long run.

Would you like to pay a social call to us? We’d love to talk more with you about social media strategies and how they fit into a comprehensive marketing plan. Give us a call at 833-823-3335 and let’s set something up.



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