Get Your EPIC Fungal Nail Ad Campaign!

You have different treatment options available for patients needing help with fungal nails – and you want to use your laser more effectively.

You also have broad goals for growing your practice that include seeing your perfect patient and being profitable at the same time.

So how can you achieve your goals?


When you have a marketing strategy focused on specific patients and treatments, you need to build awareness and convince patients with persuasive messages for the strategy to work and help you achieve your ultimate goals.

In terms of campaigns, an ad campaign is a facet of a bigger marketing strategy. And most marketing strategies run over the course of 12-18 months.

Accordingly, an ad campaign MUST follow your marketing strategy to ensure all the pieces work together. Each ad campaign is a focused, acute marketing effort to hit a singular goal for the specific patient type you want to see in your office.

Creating an ad campaign is complex, but highly effective — if you do it correctly.

Planning your ad campaign requires that you pay attention to the metrics and measure ROI while hitting multiple milestones along the way.

That’s A LOT of work.

Fortunately, it’s work that we love doing for you!

Ready to fill your waiting room? Fill out the form below and see how our new Epic Fungal Nail Ad Campaign can make it happen:

This new Epic Fungal Nail Ad Campaign attracts your perfect patient and includes:


  1. Social Media Ad Campaigns (Facebook, Instagram)
  2. Google Ads (using targeted keywords)
  3. Compelling Customized Video Campaigns (featuring a range of video ad formats to engage your new patients in different ways on YouTube and throughout your PPC campaigns!)
  4. Two (2) Different Multiple-Step Email Campaigns (based on treatment plans offered in your practice)
  5. Website Landing Pages (corresponding with your ads)
  6. Three (3) Customized Social Media Engagements (for your Facebook and Instagram pages, and YouTube channel)
  7. Three (3) Patient Testimonials (placed in your ads and on your website)

Pricing for the Epic Fungal Nail Ad Campaign: $1500 setup* and $1150/mo. (includes your ad costs)**

*All setup activities take place during the first month of the campaign, which goes live in one month after signature of agreement. The only charge during the first month is cost of setup (no monthly fee).

**Whereas campaigns start at $1150/mo., clients are free to elect more aggressive campaigns based upon business goals and model. If you want even more epicness in your campaign, we can certainly discuss this with you and what it means for the future of your practice.

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