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As you’d expect from an industry leader, our digital  marketing agency has so much going on all the time – and especially our dynamic C-Suite duo of Lori Hibma (CEO) and Tyler Cady (COO).

We’re creating this page to keep you updated about what’s happening so you can follow along. In doing so, you will be able to gain keen insights and pick up expert marketing tips that can help explode your practice’s growth.

For example, when you check out podcasts Lori and Tyler guest on, you can learn from their extensive experience working in marketing operations. They will walk you through what works and what doesn’t in this ever-changing industry.

Please feel free to keep checking out this page for updates and to see what our senior leaders are up to now!

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The Digital Opps Podcast (2/20/2020)

If you haven’t listened to a podcast before, this is the one you need to check out!

As Lori talked with Michael David Winn (the Chief Digial Officer of Digital Opps), she answered crucial questions like:

  • What are challenges doctors face in online advertising and HIPAA regulations?
  • What can get your ad kicked out or contribute to poor performance?
  • What can medical professionals do that works?
  • How can you work within limitations established by HIPAA regulations?
  • Intent-based search, paid social media ads – what’s working?

Get answers to burning questions like these – and more – when you check out this episode of The Digital Opps Podcast!

Listen to it here and then share with your friends (to keep them in the loop too)!

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