VMD Services gives YOU the most transparency in digital marketing

This matters now more than ever!


When you promote your telemedicine and/or valet medical services online, you should be able to see how these marketing efforts perform – whenever you want to!

Well, VMD Services is THE ONLY digital marketing agency giving you access like you’ve never experienced before.

We pull back the curtains so you can see what’s really happening, and we do this with a special performance dashboard – our exclusive Success Studio.

And when we pull back those curtains, you’re presented with 100% objective, reliable data taken straight from unbiased sources like Google – not numbers that can be manipulated through proprietary systems.

Want optimal ROI from your digital marketing? Then you need true transparency!

All VMD Services clients get complimentary 24/7 access to a performance dashboard (Success Studio) that gives you the ability to:

  • Examine Your Analytics and Performance
  • Track Real-Time Progress on Digital Marketing Projects
  • Make Special Requests
  • Approve Signoffs
  • Review Past Approved Signoffs
  • Communicate Directly with Your VMD Services Team in Real Time
  • Have All Communications Tracked & Recorded
  • Share Secure Files & Attachments
  • See Billing History & Make Payments Online
  • Invite Staff Members to Review Your Custom Data
  • View Your Profile
  • Change Your Password

And those are just some of the current highlights, with more being added all the time!

So, do you know what kinds of results you’re getting from your marketing investment?

If not, it’s time to choose VMD Services!

Partner with our digital marketing agency and you can rest assured in the knowledge your practice is being promoted by the best around.

If you are a VMD Services client who hasn’t yet been trained and received access to your Success Studio, connect with us today to schedule a training session with your dedicated account manager!

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