Does Your Website Need a Hostage Negotiator?

VMD Services will never hold your site or web hosting hostage. We put you in control, so you can always decide if and when you want to leave—and everything you’ve paid for will remain yours to keep.

Our Philosophy? What’s Yours Is Yours

Professional partnerships don’t always last forever. And unfortunately, the breakups don’t always go smoothly, either. You might have found this out the hard way if your web host or marketing agency decides that they own your website instead of you!

It’s no fun being trapped in a bad contract and feeling like you no longer have any power over your own practice’s online presence or brand. Maybe you’re in this kind of situation now—and looking for a new partner who can help you get out of your situation and put you back in control!

The only person who deserves to have the final say about your practice’s online presence is you.

You’ll never have to worry about VMD Services holding your website or hosting hostage if you decide to leave. While we’re never happy to see anyone go, we also know it’s not our choice to make.

Beyond that? Everything you pay for is yours to keep. We’re not like some marketing companies that let you “rent” canned content only as long as you pay your bills. All of your content is written and produced from scratch, specifically for your practices, and is yours to use however you wish—forever.

Don’t give up your control to an agency that doesn’t have your best interests at heart. If you’re looking to make a switch—or you need help getting out of a bad situation—contact us today and learn how we can help.

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