Increase In Online Appointment Requests


Increase In New User Visits To Website


Increase In Total Site Traffic


Increase In Web Referrals From Social Media

Like so many other solo practitioners, Dr. Andy Marso was having a hard time generating traction from his digital marketing efforts. His website was starting to look a little dated, few people were finding it in search, and even fewer were actually using it to book appointments. 

But when you’re a sole provider, where do you find the time to refresh and energize your online marketing? Trick question: you don’t.
You bring in the pros.




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Increase In Online Appointment Requests

Increase In New User Visits to Website

Increase In Total Site Traffic

Increase In Web Referrals From Social Media

The Solution 

VMD worked a full court press to help get Dr. Marso to the top of the rankings. New website, local SEO development, content and social media strategy—all part of the plan. And the results have been nothing short of astounding. 

Let’s start with that website. The old one struggled to draw search traffic, and relatively few patients filled out appointment request forms. So VMD Services built a new one, optimized to today’s SEO best practices and filled with engaging content. It launched in February 2018. 

Today? From July 2017 to July 2018, site traffic more than doubled—but more importantly, completed conversions increased by 550%. In fact, by June (only six months into the year) total contact form submissions in 2018 had already quintupled 2017’s full-year total.  

And how about Dr. Marso’s local listings on Google? Direct phone calls to the office from his listing increased 58% in a year and estimated monthly revenue from listing activity increased by around 40%. He’s now ranked No. 1 in his market on local search. 

Social media took off, too—to the tune of an 800% increase in web sessions referred by his social accounts. Patients were liking his page, clicking links to his blogs, sharing with their friends—and making appointments. 

Add it all up, and what do you get? Another solo practitioner able to compete against the big guys and increase his bottom line thanks to VMD Services. 

In the last several months, working with you (the VMD team) has been fantastic! The feedback that I’ve been getting that I didn’t get before, is now uh – just for an example this morning getting that 5-star review, I just feel like there’s more commitment there. I feel like you guys are on top of these things and working hard for me. That’s what makes me feel comfortable. I was telling Tyler, I want to be able to see the value from what I’m doing and when I’m starting to see these reviews coming in and we are seeing more people interacting with the website. I can feel that it’s working. I can tell, we are getting phone calls and the fact that Angie is always available when I make calls, it’s very helpful. It feels good.

Andrew Marso, DPM

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