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Having a tough time keeping your online presence up to date? Finding it difficult to manage your website, view and respond to customer reviews, keep up with social media, … and run your business like a pro?

Managing your online reputation can be time-consuming. However, positively representing your business online will get you noticed and ultimately bring in more customers—and there are ways to make it faster and easier, too!

  1. Ask for reviews.
    • You have to prompt your customers for reviews. On their own, most people tend to leave reviews only when they’re exceedingly happy or unhappy about a service or product. So, asking for reviews when your customers are simply satisfied has a positive influence on receiving more positive reviews.
  2. Monitor popular review sites such as Google and Facebook.
  3. Respond to reviews.
    • Simply monitoring reviews is not enough. You also have to respond to comments and reviews from your customers. This demonstrates to both your customers and your potential customers that you care about them and you value the feedback that they provide.
  4. View progress over time.
    • Once you’ve started collecting reviews, it’s smart to keep track of where you began and where you want to go. You can view analytic data for each review site you have configured within the platform. You even have the ability to monitor which of your team members are prompting the most positive reviews.
  1. Send Messages via text or email.
    • Sending messages to your customers is important for building lasting relationships. Not only can you send scheduling reminders, but you can send birthday greetings, and even schedule mass message deliveries.
  2. Communicate via chatbot.
    • Instant communication is what users today are looking for. You can add a chatbot to your website that will respond automatically to basic questions like business hours and contact information. This feature also allows you to communicate in real-time or follow up later with more detailed answers.
  3. Turn all voicemails into text messages.
    • You’re busy! Phone calls are missed, and questions go unanswered. Not anymore! Your voicemails are turned into texts and collected in your platform inbox, allowing you to respond and continue the conversation via text message.
  4. Collect Surveys
    • Learn from your customers. The more you understand about what they are looking for, what they want, and what they need, the better you can serve them (and the better your ROI).
  1. Clean up your listings on directory sites.
    • Directory sites such as Google, Facebook, Bing, Yellow Pages, Foursquare, and hundreds of others host your business information. Search engines “crawl” through these listings to determine if your information is up-to-date. If the listings are inconsistent or inaccurate, search engines will lower your rank, costing you web traffic. Our platform allows you to edit this information on multiple directory sites all at once.
  2. Acquire more reviews.
    • The more reviews you receive, the higher your website is likely to rank on Google and other search engines. Getting your website noticed leads to increased traffic to your business. To prove their importance, we stress again—ask for reviews!

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User Friendly!

The most significant benefit of using our platform is just how user-friendly we’ve made it. We ensure that everything you need is set up, we train you on how to use the platform, and we are only a phone call away if you need support.

Manage Reviews in One Place!

No matter how many review sites you have set up, you can read all of the reviews you have received in the Reviews section of the platform, and can even reply directly to reviews on Google and Facebook! You are also able to set up response templates and set rules to allow the system to autoreply to reviews that meet specified criteria. Time saver!


Chat with Customers Efficiently!

Send scheduling updates, birthday shout-outs, mass messages, and more! Collect survey data and turn voicemail messages into convenient text conversations. Use a chatbot to do the talking for you! Start building relationships with your customers and driving traffic to your business!



Micha Seal
November 16, 2018

We utilize VMD for our marketing and couldn’t be any happier. They have increased our internet traffic 100% thus creating new patients.
It takes the ease and pressure of marketing off ourselves and allows us to focus on patient care.

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