OWN YOUR 2021 with Digital Marketing from VMD Services!

There’s never a better time to step up your digital marketing efforts than right now

To be fair, that’s always true—simply because the longer you journey without a clear roadmap, the harder it gets to put yourself back on course. And most of us don’t have that kind of time to waste.

But it’s especially true here at the end of 2020, because for a limited time VMD Services has a ton of amazing offers for you to choose from! Don’t let the clock run out on December before you make a solid plan to OWN 2021—and the years to come!


Sign up for a new or redesigned website, pay in full by Dec. 31, and get your first and sixth months of marketing services FREE (up to $2k per month)! Pay up front, save big on your business taxes this year, save big on your marketing expenses next year … it’s a total win-win!

Additional Offers & Benefits

  • Worried about being able to pay in full by Dec. 31? You won’t be left out. If you sign up for a new or redesigned website, you can still get your third month of marketing services FREE (up to $2k value).
  • Want to make it as easy as possible for your patients to connect with you and save your front office staff a lot of time and energy as well? Who wouldn’t! An online chatbot may be just what you need, and we’re happy to give you a 30-day free trial.
  • Want marketing services but not sure you’re ready to get locked into a long-term contract? Hey, we get it! Ask us about our month-to-month option with no requirements, obligations, or long-term commitments! 
  • Want ultimate transparency about your online performance—straight from the source, with no filtering? Ask us about our Success Studio! This is a must-have tool and dashboard for anyone who wants to understand whether their marketing efforts are actually working—so everyone, basically. You don’t even need to be a regular client of ours; we’re still happy to set it up for you and show you how it works.
  • Love the digital marketing services you receive from the VMD team? Help us spread the news, and ask us about our Care-2-Share program! Refer another podiatry practice to us and, as long as we have an introductory call with your referral, you’ll receive $150 off your next month’s bill—OR, if you wish, we can help you set up a Care-2-Share program for your office, too!
  • If you have a conversation with us about a new website or marketing services, but ultimately decide that the fit just isn’t right, we’ll certainly be disappointed—but you’ll still get a $50 Amazon gift card as a thank you for your time and consideration. 


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