Podiatry Patient Newsletters

Podiatry Patient Newsletters

Done for You! Easy, Simple, Fast!!

Podiatry Patient Newsletters

Communicate with Your Patients

Podiatry marketing just got easier, simpler, and faster. With our newsletter program, you will see more patients, your referral offices will send more referrals, and your existing patients will come in more often for their continued care. And do you know why? Because they want to know how you can help them and a newsletter will help get that information out to your list and to the public. 

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Why Patient Newsletters Work

  1. Newsletters remind your patients and referral sources about YOUR practice
  2. By clearly communicating what is happening in your practice, you build patient loyalty
  3. You get to highlight your expertise and showcase how you have helped others
  4. It builds brand awareness – this is more critical now than ever before when you are competing with larger medical groups
  5. When you highlight your current offers, loyalty programs and in office products, you are sure to have the phone ring more
  6. Bring awareness of new providers and locations that join your practice
  7. Remind people how they can pay their bills online
  8. Show your patients how your practice is growing by highlighting new providers, staff members, and locations.

These are just a few things that a newsletter will do for your practice – and it can do so much more when you highlight it with your App – so ask us how these two great tools work together.

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Are newsletters complicated and expensive to create and send out?

Absolutely not! You can choose to send an e-newsletter (no postage required), or you can print them out and send them yourself. We will provide the digital file and give you the print file (upon request). We do all the design, writing, and formatting for you. We suggest you send the newsletter to existing patients via email, promote it via social media, and add it to your website and then use print newsletters for community events and referral sources. And if we are doing your marketing, we take care of the digital promotion for you!

What if I want something special added to my newsletter?

Easy – All you must do is upload what you want included and we will add it. Or let us know what you want customized, and we will take care of it. 

What do I need to do to get started?

This is easy and fast – you can either fill out this form and we will contact you and set up a time to talk or if you are ready to go, you can fill out this order form and we will contact you with any additional questions that we have. 

Is this a complicated process for my practice?

NO! We promise easy, simple and fast. You get to choose the following: 

  • Frequency – Monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly newsletters and the date you want it sent out through your CRM or to your practice. 
  • Topics for each newsletter – you will get an email and a link and can choose your topic, articles and the extra items like crossword puzzles, games, recipes, announcements, etc.
  • You have access to ask any questions easily right on the form you fill out for each newsletter – so we keep it simple.
How do I get my newsletter?

Simple – we send you the file for easy download so you have the e-newsletter, as well as the print files.

Also, if we are doing your email marketing, we will automatically send it out to your list, add it to your website and promote it via social media.

Is this a long-term commitment?

Absolutely not! This is month-to-month and because we are certain that you will love your newsletter, we offer annual pricing with awesome savings. 

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