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Here at VMD Services, we’ve built dozens of high-performing websites for podiatrists around the country, from rural solo practitioners to multi-doctor, multi-location metropolitan practices. 

Why do so many podiatrists and office managers trust our team? Simply put, our websites WORK. (And they look great, too!)

But what makes them so effective?

Mobile-Responsive Designs

Here in 2021, when everyone has a powerful computer in their pocket at all times, more than half of total online page views come from mobile devices. And with mobile-first indexing now a reality, Google considers the mobile version of your site, rather than the desktop version, to be “primary” for the basis of determining search rankings.

In short: 

If your website doesn’t look good or work right on mobile, you’re not only going to get less search traffic, but you’ll also be delivering a bad experience to most of the people who click on your site anyway.

VMD Services builds amazing, responsive designs that are fast, beautiful, and easy to use no matter which device your potential patients use to browse.

Optimized for Search Engines—AND People

Optimized for Search Engines—AND People

In order to be effective, your website needs to not only be attractive to search engines (so people find it in the first place) but also designed and optimized to convert that web traffic into actual patients. Getting to the first page of the search results is critical, but if the people clicking aren’t enticed to book actual appointments, how much have you really gained?

We build websites that not only get more traffic, but get leads. Clean user interfaces, clear organization, attractive branding, quick load speeds, thoughtful link building, exceptional content, and mobile responsiveness are all critical pieces of the strategy, and tools our SEO and web design experts use to help our clients stand above their competitors in the digital realm.

Original Content Tailored to YOUR Practice

Lots of digital marketers catering to podiatrists offer a “canned content” approach. You buy a site, and that site gets loaded up with prewritten articles on common conditions and services.

That may seem like a good deal at first, but it’s really only a good deal for the marketers. When your content is exactly the same as dozens if not hundreds of others, it can’t stand out in search results. (It’s actually likely to get penalized by Google.) And it probably won’t reflect the unique style, tone, and messages of your practice, either.

All our web content is 100% fresh, written with your specific practice in mind and geared to attract not just any patients, but THE patients you most want to see. So whether you prefer a more professional or casual tone when interacting with patients, or you have specific services or treatments you want to promote, our writers will work with you to craft compelling copy that fits your style and meets your marketing needs.

Podiatry Know-How

Getting new patients to your podiatry practice isn’t the same as selling vacuum cleaners or slinging hamburgers. Don’t trust a marketing agency that pretends otherwise. Yes, there are many core marketing principles that apply regardless of industry, but they will only take you part of the way. Core industry knowledge is still essential and irreplaceable.

The VMD Services team has built dozens of websites for podiatry practices across the country—rural to urban, solo practices to multiple doctors, and almost every kind of specialty training or service. Sports medicine experts. Wound care experts. Nerve experts. Regenerative medicine. Advanced surgical techniques. In more than 10 years of providing comprehensive digital marketing services to podiatry clients, it’s safe to say we’ve seen it all—or very nearly so.

In other words? We know podiatry, and we know how to market it. That gives our clients peace of mind, and time back in their day to focus on delivering quality care to their patients while we focus on getting those patients into their waiting rooms.

Is Your Website Attracting the Right Kinds of Patients to Your Door?

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