Our Mission: Your podiatry Practice’s Success

There’s no two ways about it:

Your medical practice is your livelihood and how you provide for your family. As such, it’s only natural you want it to thrive and be as successful as possible.

And if you want that success, you need effective medical marketing—which is where we enter the picture.

VMD Services has the tools, talent, and knowledge it takes to help your practice become everything you want it to be.

In fact, that’s our very mission:

Ensure your practice is found by new patients and keep you connected with existing ones—all so it can succeed.

Why We Offer Comprehensive Marketing Services

To help you achieve your practice goals, we offer comprehensive, interconnected medical marketing services proven to generate results.

Hold on:

What do we mean by “comprehensive, interconnected medical marketing services”?

Now, you’re smart and know what those words mean, but we aren’t the kind of agency that’s going to try and overwhelm you with industry jargon or complicated terms.

We’re simply saying that we do it all for you—everything from building your custom website to providing advanced marketing services.

(That puts us in rare company.)

And our services are interconnected because marketing works best when everything is tied together.

That’s important to us.

Our team loves seeing results—and our clients do too. So it’s a win-win when your dedicated account manager connects with you and reports on everything we’re seeing from your account.

A Partnership for Success

Which patient is more likely to have better success: one who is difficult, unresponsive, and doesn’t seem to even care, or one who works with you?

The second patient, right?

Well, in the same vein, your marketing is most effective when you partner with an agency who listens to you.

That’s us.

When you choose VMD Services, you have a medical marketing agency that lives our values of exceptional customer service and legendary communication.

More than that:

You now have a partner who cares about—and takes a vested interest in the success and wellbeing of—you and your practice.

Take the First Step Today!

The fact of the matter is that there are many facets of marketing you could attempt on your own.  

In reality, though, you and your staff don’t have time for:

  • Website design, development, and maintenance 
  • Online reputation management 
  • Email marketing and campaign development
  • Social media engagement 
  • Online ad campaign creation and implementation 
  • Researching and utilizing best current SEO practices 
  • Writing compelling content – webpages, blog posts, emails, newsletters, etc. 
  • Creating visually pleasing graphic design elements 
  • Conceptualizing, shooting, and editing professional-grade videos 

And if you do have time for all of that, it means you aren’t seeing enough patients—probably because your DIY marketing isn’t working!


Choose VMD Services and have our team of talented, experienced marketing pros—friendly folks who love contributing to our clients’ success—handle it for you.

Want to learn more? Feel free to give us a call at (833) 823-3335 and we’ll be happy to chat with you!

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