30-Day Chatbot Free Trial

A HIPAA-compliant chatbot helps you connect with more patients, book more appointments, AND save time.

There’s an “Easy Mode” for Connecting with Patients.

How are your patients and potential patients getting in touch with you? Unfortunately, a decent percentage of them are choosing “not at all.”

But there’s a solution: a HIPAA-compliant chatbot for your website. We’re confident that this can revolutionize the way you talk to patients and energize your practice—and to prove it, we’re offering a 30-day free trial to set it up and show you how it works!

Save Time. Make More Connections. Get More Patients.

If all you have is a phone number and contact form, you’re missing out on important connections. Patients who are already nervous about calling aren’t always going to sit on hold or go through a frustrating menu system—especially if they have a fairly simple and straightforward question or request. And chances are your front office is already overworked dealing with the callers who actually do get through!

An online chatbot can be programmed to automatically answer many basic questions, resolving your patient’s request without requiring a single second of staff time. More complex questions can be responded to in real time by staff.

Breaking down the obstacles to communication means happier patients, better patient compliance, more appointments booked, and more time back in your schedule. Try it free for 30 days—what have you got to lose?

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