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Like so many other solo practitioners, Dr. Darren Elenburg had big plans for growth, but an unclear road map for getting there.

He had been in practice for more than 10 years, and had a sterling reputation in the community. But he still wasn’t making a dent in the competitive Oklahoma City market. He needed help—and that’s when he turned to VMD Services.

We identified two major areas where improvement was critically needed:

  • A Great New Website
  • Enhanced Focus on Local SEO

The results? In just a few short years, Dr. Elenburg has an awesome website, he’s No. 1 in local search for Oklahoma City, and was able to hire a new associate in 2020 (even in the midst of a pandemic!) to help handle the increased patient volume.

When a Cookie-Cutter Website Just Won’t Cut It

When we first started working with Dr. Elenburg, his online presence was substantially lacking—anchored by an outdated, template-based website with poor navigation, poor mobile functionality, and poor SEO optimization. As a result, inbound traffic was slow and user experience was poor. Traffic bounced, and contact forms went unfilled. The only thing that was growing was frustration! 

In other words, he was well past due for a new, custom-built website that was easy to use (on desktop and mobile) and really showcased his talents as a doctor and surgeon.

Since launching in February of 2018, Dr. Elenburg’s new VMD-built website saw an immediate 166% boost in traffic over his old site. And the growth still hasn’t stopped—in fact, it’s only accelerated:

  • Year 1 to Year 2: 39% increase in pageviews year over year
  • 2019 to 2020: 84% increase in pageviews year over year—that’s a combined 157% increase in just two years!

And it wasn’t the just the volume of traffic that was really exciting—it was the quality of traffic. Those new visitors were also filling out appointment requests at a substantially higher rate—from barely a trickle to more than 100 per month.




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Leads Per Month From Web


Increase in New Site Visitors


Increase in Total Pageviews


In Local Search For

Oklahoma City

1 New Associate Hired

Supporting New Growth with Exceptional SEO Services

Toward the end of 2017, Dr. Elenburg entered an affiliation agreement with a new medical group and made plans to move his office across town. These changes required a significant shift in digital marketing strategy, in order to minimize disruption and confusion for Dr. Elenburg’s regular patients—not to mention his search rankings.

Focused work was required to update and optimize Dr. Elenburg’s local search listings, ensuring that his new name, address, and information were consistent across the web and working together to point web traffic in the right direction. VMD Services also recommended strategic e-mail campaigns highlighting the move. 

His local search listings didn’t just survive the location change—they thrived! Thanks to a focused optimization campaign from VMD Services, Dr. Elenburg shot up to the #1 spot in his market. 

This corresponded with a significant upswing in direct appointment calls to the office served through his Google listings. In less than two years, total insights from Dr. Elenburg’s Google listings nearly tripled!

Do You Still Need a Roadmap for Growth?

Dr. Elenburg’s website, once a weakness for his practice that limited his growth, is now his greatest strength. And that’s helping him achieve what every doctor wants: fuller waiting rooms, more satisfied patients, and more revenue!

From “just another solo practitioner” in the city to No. 1 in a major metropolitan market and a new associate to help keep up the demand—that’s a huge accomplishment for a veteran practitioner, and the team at VMD Services is extremely proud to have helped make it possible. We’d love the opportunity to help you, too!

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