Care-2-Share Program

You can earn $150 off your next month’s marketing services just by referring a new practice to VMD Services!

Sharing Is Caring

We’re a digital marketing agency, which means we know a thing or two about promoting our services online and making it easy for new customers to find us.

However, that doesn’t mean word-of-mouth marketing isn’t still incredibly important! And if you’re happy with the marketing services you’ve received from VMD Services, we hope you’ll consider putting in a good word for us if you happen to know any other podiatry practices in need of exceptional digital marketing.

Don’t just do it for us, though. Do it for yourself! Here’s how our Care-2-Share program works:

  • Refer another podiatry practice to VMD Services for a consultation.
  • If we have a phone call with the referred practice, regardless of whether they sign up for services or not, you win!

What do you win? Your choice: either get $150 off your next month’s bill OR your own Care-2-Share program set up in your marketing plan!

So you see, sharing isn’t just caring. It’s also good business! If you’re planning to refer another practice to us, be sure to get in touch!

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