Get the App Your Practice Deserves

Now you can reach more patients and stay top of mind when they think about their care or the care of those they know… How you ask? 

With the addition of an App to your marketing arsenal, you will be able to notify your patients about anything new that happens with services or products in your practice. When they are driving by, your app can send a message about specials or reminds patients about your services. And if you just want to reach out to a specific category of patients, like heel pain patients, it can let them know all about that new laser you got. 

But there is more that can be done to reach your patients. 

  • Refer and share – Patients share your practice with friends and family with one click
  • Promote personal referrals with Care to Share loyalty cards on their phones
  • Patients find you even easier with your App than using the browser on their phone
  • Highlight your newsletter
  • Garner reviews on Yelp
  • Showcase patient testimonials 
  • Show your videos 
  • Allow your patients to take quizzes and polls
  • Help your patients engage with your social media accounts while sitting in your office – with one click. 
  • And there are so many options to help with your marketing… the good news? You can change the features out based on what you what to highlight in your practice.


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Honestly, with the addition of an App to your marketing tools, the sky is the limit when it comes to communicating with your patients!

And what it really boils down to is this. We all know that websites are here to stay – but what we must remember is that people are spending more time on Apps than in mobile browsers. You need to know your audience, your demographic, what your geolocation supports, etc. But honestly, having an App is about to become as important as having a website. Don’t be caught trying to catch up to technology and trends that can build your practice.

We would be happy to do a consultation with you and boil this all down. Sign up here or call us 833-823-3335 or fill out this form – and let’s chat.

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