THE Official Summit ’19 Recap

Sep 26, 2019 | Branding

The start of fall is a special time for the podiatry community for a HUGE reason:

Top Practices’ Annual Marketing and Management Summit!

Every September, Top Practices’ founder and CEO, Rem Jackson, and his team host this event for podiatrists and office staff members who are dedicated to achieving their practice goals.

And every year, VMD Services is proud to attend as a vendor.

Today, we’re offering you an insider’s look at our Summit ’19 experience!

(Oh, and speaking of “offering,” make sure you read all the way through this post for information on some seriously impressive offers you might be eligible for!)

Why VMD Services Attends Summit Every Year

There are many obvious reasons for podiatrists (and their team members) to attend Top Practices’ Summit. After all, this is the industry’s premiere event when it comes to learning about the best ways to market and manage a podiatry practice.

But we’re not a podiatry practice!

So why do we go?

Well, it’s a couple of things:

To start, our agency has a unique relationship with Rem Jackson and Top Practices—one connected to how we even got into this gig in the first place. (If you’d like to learn about the VMD/Top Practices partnership, check out this page.)

(Also, if you are not already a Top Practices member, we strongly recommend you consider becoming one today.)

Beyond our exclusive partnership with Top Practices, attending Summit gives us the opportunity to connect in person with our valued clients. In doing so, we’re able to take a pulse on how we’re doing for you.

More importantly—this is an outstanding way for us to see how you are doing.

Sure, our team is always tracking and analyzing your marketing data but being able to hear you put things in your own words is invaluable. Plus—as valuable as your marketing data is—it simply doesn’t provide any indication as to how you, yourself, are doing on a personal level!

Of course, it isn’t only VMD clients who attend Summit, right?

And that means we can talk with podiatrists we hadn’t previously met and see if we’re a good mutual fit for each other.

By the way, if you happen to fall into that camp, make sure you keep reading to learn about a special Summit ’19 offer you’re eligible to receive.

On top of all that, Summit is simply a positive, exciting event. The speakers Rem invites—and the Hall of Famer himself—always provide great lessons and really know how to motivate others. Even those of us who attend as vendors walk away from the conference fired up and ready to take on the world!

Lori and Tyler Presentation

Key Takeaways from Summit 2019

Naturally, any industry event or conference like Summit is going to be packed with powerful moments and insightful lessons.

What truly matters are the ones that stay with you when you get back home.

To that end, some of our key takeaways from Summit ’19 include:

  • Rem’s opening speech and his message that you have an ability to overcome the obstacles standing in the way of your goals—and especially when you tap into the power of your subconscious.
  • Marybeth Crane, DPM, discussing success and using the metaphor of an iceberg. Whereas most people only see the visible results, the 95% under the water contains all the blood, sweat, and tears it took to achieve the success above the surface.
  • Our own CEO (Lori Hibma) and COO (Tyler Cady) were honored—for the second consecutive year—to give their own presentation up on the main stage. As you probably recall, Lori and Tyler focused on how patients want more—and what exactly that means for you and your practice.
  • The awesome collaboration and willingness to share from participants in the full-day marketing workshop. In some ways, it was a lot like a mastermind group for practice marketers!
  • Finally, the infectious energy and positivity that hopefully came back with all of you in the same way it did for our Summit team.

Our Summit ’19 Team

Since we just mentioned our Summit team, who did VMD bring to this 2019 event?

Obviously, we’ve already noted that Lori and Tyler gave a mainstage presentation, so you probably know they were on the roster.

Depending on who you connected with during the weekend, you may also know that we brought our executive director (Heather Spalding), executive administrative assistant (Jessica Lewis), client services director (Sara McCallum), client services manager (TJ Hibma), marketing manager (Alex Hoard), tech services manager (Cody Dykstra), and content manager (John Neeb).

Why such a large team?

Simple—to provide you with more opportunity for individualized attention from our agency’s leadership team.

We truly care about our clients—both current and future—and it’s important our actions are congruent with our values. Bringing this team of marketing experts is one of the ways we do that.

VMD Client Appreciation Dinner

What VMD Invests in Summit

As you can imagine, taking our leadership team requires a lot of resources (time, money, energy, etc.). Well, here’s the thing about that:

We consider this to be a wise investment.

In the same way that marketing is an investment in your practice, Summit is one for our agency.

And the returns we gain are diverse.

As a prime example, investing in this way allows us—as noted earlier—to hear directly from you. We listen to your feedback and everything you share, and then come back home with thoughts and ideas on how to make our services even better for you.

Let’s take a quick moment to get more specific about some of our investments in Summit ‘19:

  • Lori and Tyler may have made their mainstage presentation seem effortless, but (much like the aforementioned iceberg!) there was a lot that went unseen. In particular, our graphic design team worked so hard before the event to make the slides look absolutely amazing.
  • Speaking of slides that looked amazing, the graphic team did the same for our slides used in the marketing workshop. In addition to the visual nature of the slides, Lori and Tyler spent considerable time creating the agenda and making sure we provided attendees with valuable information.
  • If you were able to join us for our star-studded Client Appreciation Night on Saturday, you can probably imagine how much planning and coordinating it took for Alex to pull it off. After all, an extraordinary event packed full of tasty treats, cold beverages, and great conversations like that doesn’t just happen on its own!
  • Did you stop by our booth at any point during the weekend? Then you saw firsthand another one of our time and effort investments—the video playing on our big screen. (If you did, keep in mind we offer professional video services that can engage your potential patients and help lead to conversions.)

We have one more investment we’d like to highlight … but it’s so big that it warrants a new section!

Our Special Offers for Summit ’19 Attendees

Hey, you were down in San Antonio too?


Then you probably have your own list of incredible takeaways from the conference. And we hope one of them is the importance of properly marketing your podiatry practice.

When you have a strategic marketing plan in place, you can achieve the success you want to see.

Now, we are here to help you do exactly that—and we’re making it even better for Summit ’19 attendees:

VMD Services is pleased to offer you some very exciting offers.

When you take advantage, you save literally thousands of dollars. And we’ll bet you can think of some cool ways to spend all that extra cash!


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