Strategy Series (Pt. 3):

Putting It All Together

In our first post in this strategy series, we covered reasons of why you should have a strategy if you want your marketing to be effective. This included topics like establishing business goals for your podiatry practice, planning milestones (so you know you’re on the right track) and establishing responsibilities to ensure optimal resource utilization.

In our second post, we discussed the importance of defining your marketing focus. In doing so, you start to identify how to grow specific revenue streams and build your brand—for optimal reach and staying connected to your current patients.

Today, we’re putting it all together.

Having an in-depth understanding as to why you’re doing this and where you’re focusing is truly important when marketing a podiatry practice. But that doesn’t dive deep enough.

You also need to know how to manage it all!

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Podiatry Marketing That Produces Results Is Strategic

At this point, hopefully you’ve started to realize that it’s incredibly important to have a marketing plan that is comprehensive—one that includes elements like email and social media marketing, proper SEO practices, online ads, and a website that converts visitors to patients.

That all entails a lot of moving parts and, in turn, requires a strategic approach so you can get the results you want to see—more of your “perfect patient.”

(You do know who your perfect patient is, right? If not, that’s a part of the strategy you cannot afford to miss!)

Now, because so much goes into marketing that actually produces results, you need to know that part-time marketing doesn’t work. (Keep this thought in mind!)

You have to be “all in,” otherwise you might as well be all out. This goes right back to the point we just made about how podiatry marketing needs to be comprehensive. See, because there are so many variables and moving parts, you can’t just dabble in this arena and expect to have a full waiting room.

On the contrary, you need to make sure you’re both doing everything outlined in your strategy and monitoring the results.

But we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves. Let’s step back a second and look at what it takes to even create a proper strategy in the first place.

How to Start Creating Your Marketing Strategy

There are two overall actions you must take—each containing a variety of subfunctions:

  • Perform research
  • Conduct marketing audits

With regard to the research you should conduct, we’re talking about things like compiling a list of competitor keywords, performing a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis, and filling out your competitor index and keyword analysis worksheets.

Your competitor keywords are important if you want to rank as highly as possible in search engine results pages (and you should if you also want to have that full waiting room). You can use this tool for optimal SEO.

While those competitor keywords help with search engines, your SWOT analysis has further-reaching implications.
This analysis helps you to identify those areas in which:

  • You have an advantage over your competition (your strengths)
  • You need to devote effort to improving (your weaknesses)
  • You can potentially capitalize upon, but aren’t yet (your opportunities)
  • You should be watching out for competitors or external situations that are unfavorable to you and your practice (your threats)

A competitor index is a tool you use to gain better understanding of your local market and other podiatrists in practice who are close by. You will use this worksheet to get a better grasp on your unique situation—and this is extremely valuable information when used in conjunction with these other tools.

Okay, so what do we mean by marketing audits?

Well, we’re talking about audits you perform on existing marketing areas and efforts.

From a general, overview perspective, this includes:

  • Website
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Online ads
  • Video
  • Marketing content
  • Graphics and visual branding

Let’s get a little more specific and look at your website audit.

When auditing your podiatry practice’s website, you need to start by recording your various pages, blog posts, and other content in a worksheet. From there, you will be looking at an array of elements related to what the pages (etc.) contain and how well they are performing.

Regarding those elements, we’re talking about things like your meta tags, headlines, sub-headlines, alt text for images, and in-text links (both internal and external).

For site performance, you need to pull up analytics that cover—amongst other things—bounce rate, time spent on page, and site visitors. Then you should record this data in conjunction with the respective pages and blog posts.

All this information shows you what is working (and what you should be doing more of…) as well as what isn’t (and, obviously, needs to be improved).

The audits for those other marketing elements will be similar in nature. Sure, they’ll be more specifically geared for things like open and click-through rates (email marketing), likes and follows (social media), and views (video)—but the simple fact is this:

You are identifying strengths and weaknesses in your existing marketing plan.

And that information gives you the best possible picture of your current situation—something that is absolutely essential to know when determining how to move forward.

Do You Have the Marketing Expertise You Need?

Here’s an extremely important question you need to ask yourself:

Do you know how to do all these things?

You obviously learned how to diagnose the source of foot pain and then create a treatment plan to resolve it in podiatry school, but did they cover practice marketing?

(From our experience—and we’re highly experienced—the answer is no.)

Alright, you can’t do it by yourself—which is understandable since, at the risk of understating, it’s a lot—so do you have someone who can?

Now, if your answer is something along the lines of “well, I have a part-time marketer,” we need to remind you about a point we made a little earlier:

Part-time marketing doesn’t work anymore.

Sure, perhaps it was fine once upon a time, but “once upon a time” the internet didn’t exist. And that’s an important distinction because the most revolutionary technological advancement of our time has made marketing super competitive—even in the field of podiatry.

It’s more important than ever to stay on top of your marketing. If you don’t, you slide down in Google rankings and that’s a problem because people aren’t going to the second or third (etc.) pages to find new businesses and doctors.

You don’t want that to happen, right?

Of course you don’t! We’re talking about your livelihood here—the very way you provide for your family and secure their future.

You want your practice to thrive. And that requires proper marketing.

More Than Expertise: Do You Have the Right Tools?

As with successfully practicing podiatry, marketing your practice requires a specific toolset. With that being the case, do you have all the tools necessary?

It’s possible that you do, but having helped hundreds of podiatrists throughout the years, we can say it is much more likely that you don’t.

Fortunately, whereas you might not have the right tools, we do.

See, there’s nothing wrong with asking for help. Actually, it’s often the smart move to make. (Like when your patients come to see you for help with their foot problems!)

VMD Services Has the Expertise AND Tools (To Put Your Practice on the Road to Success)

We are marketing experts who excel in helping our clients get found online—and then turning those site visitors into actual patients.

We’ve done this for many other podiatrists, and we’re happy to do it for you too. If you’d like more information about our agency and how we can help you achieve your practice dreams, give us a call today at (833) 823-3335. Together, we can start building your marketing strategy and making sure your practice is on the right track for success!



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