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Jan 15, 2020 | Event Marketing

We’re beyond excited to attend the Florida Podiatric Medical Association’s Science & Management Symposium (SAM) conference with our good friends at Top Practices. If you also happen to be attending, we can’t wait to see you there!

And in case you’re interested in going—but haven’t registered yet—we have some great news for you:

You can register on-site at the conference.

Now, if you reside in one of our nation’s colder states, you probably can think of many worse ways to spend a weekend in January than by heading to warm and sunny Lake Buena Vista, FL.

For those who aren’t attending this year, FPMA is active on Facebook and Twitter, so you can keep up with the conference through the association’s posts and tweets from January 15-19, 2020. When you do, you’ll undoubtedly see why you should strongly consider going in the future.

(See, that’s one of the reasons social media marketing is so valuable!)

Podiatry Conferences and You

If you don’t regularly attend podiatry conferences and events, you absolutely should.


Because we’re talking about making an investment that can provide you with outstanding returns!

All businesses—podiatry practices very much included—benefit when leaders take measures to develop themselves and increase their knowledge base for their respective industries. (And no matter how expert someone may feel they are in a field, there’s ALWAYS room to grow!)

Attending podiatry conferences enables you to develop. In doing so, you strengthen your practice.

Clearly, those are worthwhile endeavors!

At events like SAM, you learn from thought leaders who give you awesome tools.

While industry experts and presentations are excellent resources for professional growth, conferences also offer other ways for you to learn and grow. For example, connecting with other podiatrists who are (or have been) in your situation is an invaluable asset.

Fortunately, your time at these events isn’t just spent sitting and listening to industry leaders. You also have opportunities to collaborate, brainstorm, and share tips with your colleagues.

From workshops to networking parties to simply chatting in the hallway, the investment in forming connections with colleagues can pay dividends well after the conference has ended—so you should absolutely take advantage of this.

Of course, podiatry conferences can be a great opportunity to connect with VMD Services as well! When we send our team to events like SAM, you can learn more about podiatry digital marketing and how it can help you achieve your practice goals.

Speaking of that…

VMD Services and Podiatry Conferences

If you put together a list of our favorite things, the very first item on it would be Baby Yoda memes seeing our clients’ practices grow. Shortly thereafter, though, you’d find connecting with our clients in person. (And then Baby Yoda memes.)

Sure, we love talking on the phone and email correspondence is certainly convenient, but nothing beats a good in-person chat. It’s always awesome to hear how things are going—both for your practice and in general.

And that’s a key reason why you can find VMD Services at various podiatry events and conferences throughout the year.

For example, we attend Top Practices Summit every year.

Another reason we go to these events relates to our core value of caring for community. One of the ways we express it is by sharing our knowledge about how to market a podiatry practice.

If you’ve attended Summit—and we hope you have (or will in the future!)—you know that our leaders both present on the main stage and lead workshops about digital marketing. Perhaps you’ll agree that this also shows our serious commitment to helping practices like yours grow.

In other words, sending team members to podiatry conferences throughout the nation is key for staying true to who we are and what we value.

FPMA’s SAM is the first industry event up for our agency in the new decade, but make sure you watch your email inbox to hear about where we’re heading next!

Please, if you do happen to be at any of the conferences we attend, feel free to stop by and say hi. You’ll find friendly faces who are legitimately happy to see you. (Plus, we always come bearing gifts!)

VMD Services and Top Practices: A Winning Combination

If you’ll recall from the intro to this post, we aren’t flying solo for SAM ’20—we’re going along with our good friends and professional partners at Top Practices. As always, we look forward to connecting with hall-of-famer Rem Jackson and his awesome team.

So what does our relationship with Top Practices mean for you?

Well, quite a bit:

The Virtual Marketing Director Services/Top Practices combo can lead to even better results for you and your practice!

See, when you combine our digital services with Rem’s three other marketing pillars, you can see more patients at your podiatry practice.

Fortunately, Top Practices provides the best podiatric practice management coaching around—which is essential so you can successfully handle all your newfound growth!

If you happen to attend the SAM conference, you have an opportunity to connect in person with leaders from both of our organizations.

And when you stop by to see us—we’ll be located at Booth #101—grab some complimentary VMD swag and cool stuff from our Top Practices friends.

Check out this map of the exhibitor booth layout for SAM.

(You can find our booth in the center, about a third of the way down from the top of the map.)

Also, you don’t want to miss either of Rem Jackson’s presentations:

  • Thursday (2:15-3:00) – “Private Practice is the New, New Thing”
  • Saturday (2:00-2:30) – “Top 3 Things You Need to Know”

Make sure you’re in attendance if you want valuable tips for growing your practice from a podiatry marketing legend.

But wait…there’s more!

On both days, you’ll want to be at Track 1 for the presenter who takes the stage before Rem—Heartland Foot and Ankle Association’s founder, Dr. Melissa Lockwood.

Dr. Lockwood is an awesome VMD client who has a natural gift for public speaking, an incredible amount of energy, and a passion for helping fellow podiatrists achieve success. Dr. Lockwood’s SAM presentations are:

  • Thursday (1:30-2:15) – “How to Hire and Train Your New Associate Doctor to Hit the Ground Running!”
  • Saturday (1:30-2:00) – “Ins and Outs of a Great Associate Contract”

Okay, we’re probably a bit biased, but you seriously MUST check out these presentations!

FPMA Presents: SAM 2020

The Florida Podiatric Medical Association takes pride in conducting one of the finest podiatric meetings in the country each year. Held in Orlando every January, FPMA’s SAM conference gives podiatrists like you an opportunity to enhance existing skill sets and acquire new ones—all in the name of making your practice the best it can possibly be.

You can see the conference agenda about halfway down on this page.

This year’s conference theme is one we really dig:

 “From Hindsight to Foresight”

After all, your marketing is strongest when you take time to look both behind and ahead. In doing so, you can learn from past mistakes—and successes—and use that insight to create smarter plans for your practice going forward.

As the nation’s premier digital podiatry marketing agency, we know firsthand just how important it is to be strategic and use foresight to properly plan ahead.

Something else that is quite important is continually learning and developing. For that reason, you may appreciate being able to earn continuing education contact hours (CECH) at the conference.

In addition to SAM, the FPMA also hosts a summer conference (most years).

Don’t Miss Out!

At the end of the day, it’s important to keep in mind that attending conferences like SAM is an investment you make in your podiatry practice. These events provide a tone of value for you and can offer outstanding ROI.

In addition to the value you receive from attending a podiatry conference itself, you also have opportunities to connect at vendor booths with organizations like Top Practices and VMD Services.

When you do, you can learn about special event offers, see what kinds of resources are available for your practice, and even just have some great conversation with industry experts and leaders.

Remember, if you’re going to be at SAM ’20, you can find us at Booth #101.

Stop by—whenever you have a chance—and say hi. We’d love to see you and hear how things are going for your practice!

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