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What’s Your Digital Marketing ROI?

Just about everyone understands that, in today’s increasingly digital age, a good website and online marketing strategy are essential for your practice growth.

But that’s just a platitude. It’s much more difficult—and much more frustrating—to answer questions like:

  • What’s the difference between a good website and a bad one?
  • Is my digital marketing actually working?
  • What is my return on investment here?

No doubt, calculating a specific, accurate ROI from your web presence can be a challenge even for pro marketers. But if you want to make the best possible strategic decisions to help your practice grow, it’s important to have accurate data. Otherwise, how will you know if your marketing is actually working, or if you’re just throwing your money away?

Know Your Numbers

One good starting point is to use VMD’s Success Studio performance dashboard. This handy software gives you access to the unfiltered, straight-from-Google, real-time data and reports on how your website and local listings are performing. You can track site visits, form completions, direction requests, digital ad performance, and other critical metrics as they rise and fall (hopefully more rise than fall!) over time.

The Success Studio gives you great at-a-glance information about how well your online presence is attracting, engaging, and ultimately converting web traffic into leads and, ultimately, patient appointments. Compare this info against how much you’re spending on your marketing, as well as the per visit (as well as lifetime) value of each new patient, and you can start to get a much clearer picture of your current digital ROI.

Estimating Your Future ROI

Estimating Your Future ROI

If you’d like to know what kind of ROI you could be seeing with a more robust, comprehensive marketing plan from VMD, check out our handy online ROI calculator!

This great, easy-to-use tool can give you a rough estimate of how much you could be earning based on your PVV and marketing spend—with numbers based on how past and present VMD Services clients have performed after starting comprehensive marketing services.

Intrigued? We’d be happy to have a conversation with you about ways to boost your bottom line and help you get the best bang for your marketing buck. Just reach out to your account manager or request a consultation today.

Thanks for reading! We’ll be in touch again soon.

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