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You already have a great, up-to-date website (and if you don’t, we can help you with that).

You even make sure your website works and looks great on mobile platforms (and if it doesn’t, again, we can help you with that).

So why would your practice need a mobile App? Isn’t that just another type of fancy website?

No! A mobile App has qualities and features that a mobile website does not. People are spending more and more time using Apps than websites, and having an App specific to your practice can help you connect stronger to certain profitable types of patients.

What Can an App Do that a Website Doesn’t?

Both a mobile website and a mobile App can provide patients information about your practice. However, an App can enhance the ways you give out new information, as well as provide access to features and services in a way many patients may find more convenient.

With an App, you can:

  • “Push” notifications of updates, new products, and services to patients – and even target these notifications to specific groups (custom orthotics patients, for example).
  • Automatically send notifications of new products or services to patients who are nearby your practice.
  • Not worry about a patient needing WIFI or a cellular connection in order to access your information.
  • Let patients share your website, updates, social media, and other information with others using just one touch.
  • Provide features such as online product ordering, digital loyalty cards, and much, much more.

People are spending more and more time on Apps than ever before. Shouldn’t that time be on your App when they need your services?

Are Websites Dead?

Not at all! They are still hugely important. Think about it this way:

  • Websites are a passive form of information, but they are how you get people searching for the help you provide to find you.
  • Apps are a more active form of information, and how to get people who already know of you to keep you at the top of their minds.

Some practices might have demographics that appreciate one form of information over the other, and it’s important to determine where the strengths and weaknesses of both platforms exist as they apply to who you want to reach most. But you can also have both platforms working for you at the same time, amplifying your reach!

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Get Onboard with Apps

Want to learn more about what a mobile App could look like for your practice and whether having one would be a great tool for marketing and conversions? Let’s talk! Call or contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Thanks for reading! Look for more from us soon.

The VMD Services Team

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