Summit is An Investment in Your Practice’s Success

The Top Practices Marketing and Management Summit is coming soon, and we’re hoping to see you there!


If you’ve been on the fence about attending this stellar event, we encourage you to make the investment. 

And this is an investment. We know that any good practice must wisely consider its finances, but there is still a difference between everyday costs and the opportunities that lead to real returns in efficiency, revenue, and growth.

(There is still time to register!) 

Summit is designed with a hyper focus on podiatry practice management and strategies, from a multitude of different angles. Marketing, staffing, networking, and time management—these and more are all addressed via expert lectures and creative brainstorming with fellow podiatrists. 

The return on attending Summit is the knowledge and connections to improve your returns on multiple fronts. It’s like receiving returns in bulk!

An Investment Not Just in Your Practice, But in You

We know how challenging it is to run a practice. Keeping things running and dealing with every problem that arises can quickly consume more of your life than you intended. It might even begin to feel like a trap; that you are investing so much of your own energy into just keeping the lights on that there’s no way you could handle being more successful! 

The goals set at Summit are not just to grow your practice, however. We do want to see your waiting room stuffed with patients, of course. But is it still success if you’re so burdened with your everyday work that you can’t enjoy free time with your family and friends?   

This is what “cracking the code” is all about. Doctors who have done so have not only seen exponential growth in their practices, but they have funneled those successes back into creating an even more efficient and highly running practice. They’re doing what they love and loving life while doing it! 

Workshops at this year’s Summit will focus on different aspects of controlling your practice. A few examples include:

Knowing Your Practice Numbers Is the Key to Control, Organization AND Growth with Scenarios.

Finding the right data and knowing how to use it is a crucial element in shaping your practice and finances. Building good habits in working with your numbers will help you plot a proactive road map to an effective future. 

Getting Your Patients to Say Yes: Treatment Plan Acceptance and Communicating Workshop.

Bringing patients into the exam room is one thing, but your bread and butter depends on them accepting your plans for care. If that treatment is a cash-based, it not only provides income but lifts you out of the web of reimbursement, too! If you struggle with getting patients to commit, this workshop will teach simple ways to get your message across more clearly and persuasively to earn that otherwise lost revenue. 

Transforming Your Staff into a High Performing Team.

You can’t do it alone. Having a team that handles the office well and at peak efficiency will save you tons in time and capital in the long run. They will also do wonders for your mental and spiritual health, too! This workshop will provide the means for evaluating the current performance of your staff and tips on taking them to the next level. When everyone is working smoothly, everyone benefits! 

Connect and Collaborate

Industry experts and success stories are always excellent sources, but they are not the only way to learn. Speaking with other doctors and office managers who are or have been in your situations is also an invaluable asset.  

This is the thought process between Top Practice’s Mastermind calls, and it translates to a direct approach at Summit! 

Your time at the event is not just sitting and listening. It’s collaborating, brainstorming, and sharing tips with your colleagues. From workshop exercises to the out-and-out networking party, the investment in connecting with others can pay back well after Summit has concluded. You should definitely take advantage of it! 

Of course, Summit is also a great opportunity to connect with us at VMD Services, as well. A number of our team will be present all throughout the event to discuss digital marketing face-to-face with you. We’d love to schedule a time to talk if you haven’t already! 

Don’t Let Time Slip By

An investment in the Top Practices Summit is an investment in your practice’s future. However, the time at present to take advantage of it is running out. 

Do not miss the registration window for this year’s Summit! There’s still time to register and secure a place for you and your team to attend. 

If and when you do register, don’t hesitate to let us at VMD Services know beforehand! We can schedule a time to meet in Arlington and secure a spot on your itinerary. Just give us a call at (833) 823-3335 



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