How Integrated Local Solutions Can Help Your Practice

Have you noticed a drop in your rankings on Google? Perhaps you’re aware of the importance of Local SEO  but you are not getting the results you need anymore. What’s changed? The answer is a LOT. What can you do about it? Again the answer is A LOT. 

Local SEO is one of the tools your practice has in reaching patients who are searching for a provider that is close to them. Google positions service providers like yourself in front of people based on multiple factors, not just where the person is located. Google uses reviews and other data to determine which providers of the same service should be in front of a searcher. What’s more, Google continues to make changes to this, often putting you in a position where you could see your practice drop out of the top three listings.

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Google is Targeting Local SEO

While Google has long viewed local SEO as an important factor in how it ranks businesses based on searcher needs, it’s made some significant changes in how it does this recently. The changes began about November of 2021, but the impact of those changes is being seen more recently. 

One such change was the adjustment to proximity and distance, with Google aiming to provide searchers with results that are within 10 miles of where they are. The second change impacts organizations that have a geographic component in their page title, such as your practice name, including the city you operate in. 

It’s never been more important to rank higher in Google than right now. We can help you with Integrated Local Solutions.

What are Integrated Local Solutions?

Integrated Local Solutions, or ILS, is our tool to ensure you show up 1st in Google’s map pack!

From making sure your listings are accurate, responding to reviews, requesting reviews, texting with your patients and potential patients, and more, we use this tool to help fulfill all of Google’s ranking requirements.

And now we are adding a new messaging service! 

What Is The New Messaging Service?

Our new messaging feature allows you to connect with patients at every point of the patient’s experience. You can use it to engage with them in numerous ways. Specifically, this adds a chance for patients to send text messages through your Google listing! Wanna see how it works – give it a spin… On your mobile device, look up the VMD Services Google listing and click on the chat feature. You can now chat with us right away just like your patients and potential patients could chat with your front desk right away! 

Patients now have an even easier way to reach your office – you’ve eliminated any excuse your patients might have to connect to your office as they can now text you whenever they need to.

For example, you can use it to send them offers and information about services. Send appointment reminders to them. In addition, you can use it to communicate about changes in your practice, like new services or products you offer.

With this tool, you have to manage just one inbox. Everything you are using is tracked in that inbox, making it very easy for you to respond to any messages that come through, including text messages, social media interactions, voicemail messages, and email messages.

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How Does This Help YOU Get More Patients?

By now, we all know that Google reviews and showing up at the top of Google maps is the primary spot to be for getting patients in the door. This additional feature on Google gives patients an additional way to connect, and let’s face it, texts are much easier than calls.

This helps because of all of your reviews…. One of the components that will always make a difference in Local SEO is reviews. Google wants to recommend providers that are not only in the area but that are also high-quality providers. To do that, Google, and prospective new patients, use reviews. Reviews are sometimes hard to get for many practices, and while that may be the case, you still need to work hard to build them up.

And – our Integrated Local Solutions helps with that. It allows you to respond to reviews very fast, enabling you to stay on top of those reviews with consistency. When someone posts a review, you are notified of it and can post a response. 

In addition to this, it allows you to connect with your patients in a faster and more streamlined manner. For example, let’s say a patient came in to request care. You provided it, and you know they are happy. As you are finishing up, you wish that all patients could hear about this person’s good experience with your practice. You can easily ask your patient for a review that allows this to happen.

When you can respond to a patient’s needs faster, they are more likely to take action at that moment. For example, in the case of a review, you can send them a link right after their appointment requesting that they leave a short review for you and telling them where to go. That’s a fast and simple way to boost your reviews and get more support.

There are many other ways to use these services as well. For example, you can send a client a message about a supplementary service that may be exactly what they need. A quick text message allows them to be able to act right away, perhaps by setting up an appointment immediately. You can use these tools for other tasks, such as sending appointment reminders and asking for referrals as well. 

Imagine a prospective client sending you a message asking if you offer a specific service or therapy. You do, and so you respond with that information while also sending them a link to set up an appointment right away. Then, after the appointment, you send a link they can send to their friends as a referral. 

Why Does All of This Matter to Your Practice?

The investment in tools like ILS and our team overall is well worth it for every practice that wants to grow and provide a better level of service to their patients.

Today’s patients need:

  • Faster, technology-enabled ways to set up appointments and manage their care.
  • Engagement opportunities where they can interact with providers in a meaningful way.
  • Ability to see reviews from previous patients who can show them what to expect.
  • Simple ways to remain connected with their medical providers.
  • Information that’s available to them through email, text messages, and other digital means so they can make fast decisions.

If you are not offering these services, it WILL  impact the way your practice reaches customers. Local SEO aside, engagement today keeps patients coming back and referring additional patients to your door.

Now is a great time to learn more about our services and how they can help you to build your practice’s success.

Check out our Integrated Local Solutions page to learn more about how this service may help you. You can always contact us right away to learn more about what our team is working on or to set up a consultation to discuss your needs.

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