7-Signs Your Podiatry Practice’s Website Needs Updating

Your website is more than just the business card for your medical practice—it’s the online face. This makes it the keystone for all medical marketing activities.

And while it may have been state-of-the-art when built, website technology is constantly evolving and improving to meet more sophisticated user demands. No matter if we’re talking about lack outdated design or lack of mobile functionality, it might be time to ask yourself one of the ultimate marketing questions:

“Is my practice’s website out of date?”

With that in mind, here are seven signs it’s time to embrace the rapid pace of technological evolution and give your website the makeover it deserves:

1. Lack of optimal (or any…) “mobile-responsive” view

First and foremost, this is the MOST important feature you need to have on your website. Why? Mobile traffic now makes up more than half of all internet traffic, so if your website is not easy to use on a mobile device, you could miss out on a huge number of potential visitors.

Almost everyone who owns a mobile device has a smartphone, which gives them access to the internet 24/7. Not only is this how many users are accessing the internet, but Google has also started to boost the rankings of websites that it identifies mobile-friendly. This means that if your website is responsive, it is more likely to rank highly in Google’s results when someone searching for a similar product or service on their phone.

So, making sure your website is responsive is a MUST and something you will want to update as soon as possible if yours is not!

(The websites we build are super responsive on ALL platforms. Learn more about our web design services here!)

2. Your website is 2+ years old

Technology moves fast, and it’s important to keep up with it so that your business doesn’t get left in the dust. These days, it’s crucial to keep your website looking fresh and frequently updated.

Websites should look clean, be easy to navigate, and load quickly. One modern trend in website design is a simple, straightforward main landing page, with clear calls-to-action and original, high-quality photos.

Not only is an updated website going to function better overall, but studies show that the more professional, up-to-date, and clean your website looks, the more trustworthy it seems to users.

3. Not search engine friendly

Search engine algorithms change often these days, so if your SEO rankings are low then it is probably time for an update. This will help potential customers find you so it’s important that it is up to date.

SEO use to be more effective when you had as many keywords as possible stuffed onto your website, but now it’s more about having content that is original and high quality. Having a blog attached to your website is also going to help your website search results. Blog posts are an easy way to generate organic traffic to your website with relevant keywords and content.

4. It has outdated content

“Keeping things fresh” applies not only the aesthetics of your website, but to the content on the site as well. As was just noted a second ago, relevant keywords should be included in your website’s content to boost your search result rankings. But you should also be keeping the content up to date as well.

If you have any new services or products you’re offering in your office, this is something you will want to make sure to add to your website. Each service and product should have their own landing page as well, which will help increase organic search traffic. Any upcoming events is another big piece of content that should be updated frequently.

5. Your website has poor user experience (UX)

User experience is a crucial part of a website that delivers results. If your outdated site is too confusing to navigate or has features that don’t work, it can frustrate the user and “bounce” them from your practice’s website. In order to avoid losing profitable website traffic, make sure your website is easy to navigate and that users can take action in a matter of minutes.

6. Slow load times

When it comes to both life and the internet, time is money. While your website might have loaded quickly when it was first built, outdated features and complicated, old design may significantly slow it down.

Now, according to recent studies, a majority of online users will leave a website if it takes longer than two seconds to load. Just so we’re clear, you only have TWO SECONDS if you want your chance to make a stellar first impression on a new site visitor. Otherwise, they’re bouncing—and that can destroy your bounce rate (an important factor in Google’s search rankings).

7. Your website has lost its appeal

Internet consumers—and your potential patients!—like websites that are attractive and visually appealing. Website design trends evolve every 2-3 years with new design layouts and modern themes that are meant to entice the user. Chances are if your website is a few years old, it is due for a makeover that would have a substantial return on investment.

Alright, You Need a New Website—Now What?

Keeping an eye out on these seven signs will help your website stay relevant, and a relevant website is always appealing to site visitors—who can become your new patients!

Now, updating a website—or building a new one from scratch—can be a very time-consuming and technical process.

Fortunately, you’re not on your own with that. We’re here to help, so please don’t hesitate to reach out and request your free consultation if you want to start seeing more of you ideal patients at your medical practice!

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