What Are the Best Photos to Take for Your Google My Business Listing?

Hey, let’s talk about photos.

Wait! Don’t go!

We have worked with practices enough to know the common trepidation on taking photos. Perhaps we’ve all had too many traumatizing experiences as children having to hold still for a family photo, only to have a parent look at it and request “just one more” for the third time in a row.

And if you do like having photos done, you’re in a blessed minority! Either that or you’re Ryan Gosling.

Thankfully, when it comes to your Google My Business listings, you do not have to focus entirely on yourself and your staff. You are seeking a varied and helpful representation of who you are, where you are, and what you offer—and that doesn’t mean a person must be in every photo. (Do you hear that, Mom?)

When your listing pops up on someone’s Google search for help in your area of expertise, the photos posted by your practice will show up with it. If you don’t have photos of your own, Google may find what others have uploaded for you—and you definitely don’t want that lack of control!

So what elements of your practice should you have among your Google photo gallery, and how should you present them? There may be some variation between practices based on your specialties and location, but here are some general tips toward achieving picture perfection:

You Don’t Need to Hire a Professional Photographer (But It Wouldn’t Hurt)

Your Google photos don’t have to be elaborately staged affairs.

Keep in mind that people are viewing your photos to get a feel for your practice. Having a nicely set up group shot can be good, but if every single photo they see looks like it came out of a clothing catalog, you might not come off as “real” to viewers.

That said, people also don’t want photos that are, for lack of a better term, complete rubbish. Haphazard iPhone shots that are dark and blurry won’t be of great use, either.

If you don’t feel you have the equipment or eye for producing good photos, a professional can help you strike the balance between looking natural and looking good. Be sure to discuss your goals with them, and how you wish to use the photos, so they have a good idea of how to operate going in.

If you choose not to opt for a professional, that can be perfectly fine. You just have to make sure you use a device that can produce a high-quality image which will not turn pixelated if Google decides to resize it. And don’t be afraid to run the photos by staff, family, and friends to get their honest opinions on whether the shots are worthy.

Exterior Photos are Important

Don’t neglect external photos of your practice, even if you don’t feel it looks that special.

When people view photos to get a feel for what a place is like, they often also look for references to locate it. According to Google, business listings with photos receive 42 percent more requests for directions on Google Maps. Having some visual guidance can go a long way!

When focusing on outside photos, think about what you would want to know or what would catch your eye if you were trying to find your location for the first time. A photo of the building itself is always a must, even if you are within a medical suite.

(In fact, especially if you are in a medical suite. Help ease those potential fears of being at the wrong building!)

Your sign should also be a prominent focus of a photo. If both your sign and building can effectively fit into a wide view, try for that as well. Don’t focus on surrounding landmarks that have no actual connection to your practice, though. That may come off as confusing.

Photos of the Inside of Your Practice

If people are looking for some familiarity with the outside of your practice, they appreciate some familiarity inside as well.

A photo of the front desk, as well as the staff who are stationed there, is a welcome addition to any gallery. Placing a spotlight on your reception team adds a touch of helpful familiarity to patients who are arriving for the first time. They have an idea who they will be speaking with, which makes things more, well… receptive!

The waiting room is also a no-brainer for photos, as is any kind of “shop” area where you display products or shoes.

Now what about where the primary business is conducted: the exam rooms? At least one photo focusing on a clean, empty exam room can be a helpful, reassuring tool. You do not necessarily have to add photos of patients being treated there.

If you would like to show off specialized treatments and tools, however, the opposite can be more effective! While people are familiar with exam rooms, a photo of a treatment laser or an ESWT machine by itself is just going to seem foreign to most. Show a doctor and patient using the treatment, however, and it will register more as an asset offered by your practice.

Whenever you do want to take photos that include patients, even if it’s just your feet, please be sure to receive full permission from them! Written permission is best.

Additional Photos Needed

Don’t forget the power of your logo! Uploading a high-quality file of it as a photo serves as a great identifying capstone to your listings and gallery.

Whatever you do, try to avoid stock photo images entirely! Even if a stock photo of orthotics you sell or a device you use has a look better than you might be able to manage, people are going to connect more with images they can see come from your practice (or just don’t look like they exist in a sterile white void).

Ultimately, you want your photos to represent your practice—and yours alone. There may be a few items unique to your practice that haven’t been mentioned here, such as a bulletin board featuring patient and staff pets, or a foot costume you occasionally show up to events in (yes, we have actual practices that do this).

As long as it’s something identifiable to your practice and can be easily seen by patients in real life, use it! These extras help establish your “realism” as a practice filled with fun and unique human beings!

Get Found – And Look Good Doing It

Your Google My Business listing photos are just part of a strategy for getting found and getting conversions online. There’s even more to consider, and it’s not always easy to get all the pieces working optimally together.

At VMD Services, we have the skills and experience to get your online presence to full power, bringing in more leads, which opens the potential for more patients!

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