Questions to Determine the Best Content for Your Website

Having a well-designed website is like having a fancy safe: it’s going to turn heads, but what ultimately matters to people will be what’s inside it. 

While style may attract visitors to your website, content is what will get them to stay—and this very much has an influence on your online success. Search engine algorithms, such as Google’s, measure a number of factors in determining where to place your webpages in their rankings. Having a lot of visitors matters, sure, but so does how long they stay on your website.

If people are coming to your website in droves but bouncing off to parts elsewhere only a handful of seconds later, Google’s advanced, semi-frightening cyber brain is going to conclude that people are just not finding what they’re looking for with you.  

End result? You’ll fall down search rankings just like Milli Vanilli fell down the charts. 

But get visitors to your website and have them stay on your pages—even take a nice, leisurely browse from page to page—and Google sees this as quite favorable. Website where people are engaged see their rankings gradually rise over time! 

The secrets of great content are something people search for all the time (seemingly as much as “where can I find already made content for free,” which, WOW, we hope we don’t have to tell you is a bad idea). At its core, however, the best content has very simple elements: 

It’s original


It answers the questions your visitors have


It is easy to access within your website


How do you ensure these elements apply to you and your website’s content creation? All it takes is a little thought and planning to have happier website visitors and happier search rankings. 

What Are Your Patients Asking? 

There is certain information that is always going to be requested on a medical website. This includes things like:

Office details, such as hours, addresses, and contact information


Doctor and staff bios (they really do want to know who will be treating them!)


Service areas; especially your specialties


What Are You Always Telling Your Patients?

Do you have items and advice that you frequently pass on to your patients? 

This sort of thing might include post-op instructions, or recommendations for the first few weeks of wearing a custom orthotic. 

Is it the kind of talk that you can rattle off almost the same way verbatim to every patient because you’ve repeated it so many times? 

Then why is this not serving as content on your website? 

Capturing the advice you most frequently provide your patients in the form of website content creates a valuable asset in several ways. 

Not only will it create a page that patients will have a direct interest in and engagement with, but it can save you time during an appointment as well! You can directly go over a few of the most important details, then tell patients they will be emailed a link to all the information that they can review whenever they wish. This is a good way to take some pressure off the patient who might be afraid of missing something important. 

One last tip here: an informational page like this could be fully written out or take the form of a video. If you go the video route, though, it’s still best to have the main points outlined in writing. Nobody likes to mess with a video bar trying to find the one thing they wanted repeated! 

How Is Your Presentation?

Having the content that answers your patients’ questions is not going to be so effective if your patients can’t find it or aren’t enticed to read it. 

This is when it’s time to consider the approach being taken to website visitors in the content, and this one can be a bit trickier. 

With attention spans the way they are in the information age, there is only about 10 seconds to really capture a potential reader or viewer’s attention. That means it’s best to have something that really reaches out and grabs someone from the get-go. 

In a lot of content, the headline is that big draw. Is the headline suggesting answers to questions patients may have or information they may be seeking? Is it presenting that clearly without being too vague or flowery? 

Some humor is good, but don’t leave people scratching their heads. 

Once you get into the body of the content, is it approaching matters in a personable, relatable manner? If it’s a condition, for example, is it being described in a way that a patient could think, “Hey, that’s me!”? 

Additionally, are items linked to each other in a way that naturally flows? Think of the way a potential patient may arrive at your website and click through information, and remove any barriers that may get in the way. 

What Do You NOT Need?

You might think the best policy would be to have all your bases covered and content for everything your prospective patients might ever want to consider.  

That is not a wise route to consider, however; and here’s why. 

As search engines like Google seek pages that people visit and respond to well, they also note pages on the same website that languish in the desert with little to no views whatsoever.  

If your website has a lot of these types of pages, they can start to weigh against you in determining your standing in search rankings. 

Part of good website upkeep is keep tabs on pages that have not seen much activity for a while. In some cases, it’s better to delete these pages entirely than let them stay. 

Don’t be too hasty to cull your content, though! There are also many instances where a floundering page or blog could be revised and re-introduced to reach out to potential patients. It’s all about learning what works best as you go along and updating your strategy to reflect it. 


Content is King – and It Needs a Royal Court! 

Content is far from a static part of your website. Staying on top of search means a consistent evaluation of what is working, what’s not, and the best approach to tie it all together. 

At VMD Services, our content writers and experts have plenty of experience in crafting appealing copy that answers questions and gets people invested. Working with you and your office, we can fill your website with material that speaks to your audience in your voice! 

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