Lori Hibma

Lori Hibma

Chief Executive Officer

Today, VMD Services is the leading full service digital marketing agency for podiatry practices in North America, with more than 20 employees spread across offices Michigan and Colorado. But when it began, it was just Lori Hibma and her living room table.

Lori has a degree in IT, a background in marketing and multimedia communications, and even professional experience working in a podiatry clinic. Now, combine that with a tireless work ethic, and a passion for seeing her clients succeed. Her unique expertise and strong leadership is a big reason why VMD Services continues to grow.

Lori’s other passions include photography, traveling, cooking, golfing, and responsibly enjoying a nice bottle of wine. But most of all, Lori loves spending time with her big family—husband, kids, grandkids, siblings, mother, and her three dogs.



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